Domestic Violence Presentation

            On Tuesday February 23, 2010 at 6 pm in the Gottesman room in Kessel Student Center, the Honors College had its first event of the spring semester, a domestic violence presentation by Samantha Lee. Ms Lee is the Teen Program Coordinator/Counselor, from Hope’s Door Inc., a private non-profit organization, founded in 1980 to provide a safe haven and caring services to survivors of domestic violence.
            Not only was Samantha Lee’s presentation interesting but it was also very informative. The 46 students in attendance learned that Hope’s Door is a domestic violence shelter that helps women and teens, but the reason it is so special is that it is one of the first domestic violence shelters to cater to men. Their shelter is more like a home then a shelter.  It can accomodate up to 22 people and is always at full capacity. One of the best things about Hope’s Shelter is that its address is undisclosed; the only way to find out where it is located is by calling and expressing that you need help.      
            Ms Lee also talked about how domestic violence is not only physical abuse, but mental and sexual as well. Emotional abuse can start out in a teasing manner at first. The abuser will insult, then follow it up with a “just kidding” or “I didn’t mean that.” As it progresses, the abuser continues to say worse things and stops taking it back.         
            Overall, the domestic violence presentation was interesting, interactive, and informative, and if you did not attend, you missed out.