Honors Cooking Class at Don Coqui

Honors Cooking Class 2010                 On Friday, April, 9, 2010, Honors students took a Pace bus to Don Coqui to enjoy a delicious dinner.  The most appealing aspect of this dinner was that it was to be prepared by the students themselves.  Don Coqui is not only a fine dining establishment, it also provides cooking classes where guests are given lessons on how to prepare their meal and then are able to begin the festivities. 
                  When the students arrived and were seated at their tables, the head-chef asked each table to choose which part of the meal they would like to prepare.  Luckily, each table picked something different, so there were no arguments!  Everyone went to their respective stations as the assisting Chef Specialists came around and gave a tutorial for each.  Once the chefs were done giving directions, the students were able to start the “hands-on” portion of the night.
The room was filled with laughter and excitement as students were busy organizing their food.  One section was making the salad, as another prepared the meat and chicken, and the remaining group was making the chocolate lava cake and strawberry crepes for dessert. 
                   Once everyone was finished with their hard work, the students washed up and sat down for the presentation of the food.  Everything was absolutely delectable.  My personal favoriate was the chocolate lava cake and the crepes. 
All the students enjoyed the food they had prepared, but I think that making the food was the best part for everyone  involved.  After everything was consumed and tables were cleared, it was time to board the bus ( with full stomachs) and head back to Pace