A New Millenium: Children in Africa Hunger Banquet

Hunger Banquet 2010                  On Tuesday, April 20, 2010, Pace University put on their fifth annual Hunger Banquet, which was held in Gottesman Room in Kessel Student Center.  During this event, participants learned about the effects of hunger on the people who survive in poverty all around the world. The night began by purchasing a ticket for $6. All of the proceeds from this event were donated to the US Fund for UNICEF.               
                  The many volunteers helping out that night seated each guest at a specific dinner table.  Each table was assigned a social class and was filled with either “high,” “middle,” or “low” class people. Information about your social class including your salary, what necessities you could afford, and what percent of the world is made up of your assigned class was provided in a pamphlet at your table.  Along with this was information on what that night’s donations to UNICEF can buy. For example, just $5 can provide an emergency health kit for one person for three months, with medical supplies and drugs to cover basic health needs.
                  Speakers such as Michael LaCorte, Lauren Utnick, and guest speaker Dr. Greg Julian talked about how pressing the problems of hunger and poverty are and how important it is that we all do our part in trying to solve them. Dr. Julian also mentioned the sustainable development and the Millennium Development goals set by the United Nations as gateways to beginning to resolve the hunger crisis.
                  One of the key messages was that we cannot give up hope.  Once the speakers were done, the guests were invited to eat in order of class (highest class first). All of the food, including soda, pizza, pasta, bagels, and many desserts were generously donated by people from the surrounding area.
                 The Hunger Banquet, co-sponsored by the Psychology of Civic Engagement class, the UNICEF C.H.I.L.D. Project, and the Golden Key International Honor Society, turned out to be a great success. The students of Pace University managed to raise over $800 towards fighting hunger--while being educated about poverty and enjoying a great meal.