Human Development

Pace University’s C.H.I.L.D Project

Child: Hope, Inspire, Life, Dreams


We strive to promote the survival, protection, and development of children by advocating, educating, and fundraising for the world’s children. The primary goal of our organization is to encourage activism within the Pace University community by exposing its members to the perils facing children and by providing opportunities to make a difference.


Human Development Report 2005, United Nations


Inequality in terms of income, access to health and education, and access to markets for trade is trapping people in a cycle of poverty despite their best efforts. Halving extreme poverty by 2015 is doable but will not happen unless government and civil society act to close the ever-widening disparity between countries and within countries. Below are statistics gathered that show that the world is in desperate need of our help.


Average Years Of Schooling                         Population Living On Less Than $2 A Day


United States    12.1years                                             Poland 2%

Canada            11.6 years                                            Brazil                22.4 %

Nepal               2.4 years                                              India                 79.9%

Sudan               2.1 years                                              Nigeria             91%

(Harvard, 2000)                                                           (World Bank, 2003)


Babies Delivered By Health Professionals               Life Expectancy At Birth


United States                99%                                         Japan               82 years

United Kingdom           99%                                        United States    77.4 years

Yemen                         22%                                         Zambia             38 years

Ethiopia                        6%                                           Swaziland         32.5 years

(UNICEF/WHO, 2005)                                               (UN Population Division, 2005)


Death Rate Of Children Under 5 Years Old            Population With Access To Safe Water


Sweden            .3%                                                      United States    100%

United States    .8%                                                      Germany          100%

Congo              10.8 %                                                 Cambodia        34%

Sierra Leone     28.4%                                                  Afghanistan       13%

(UNICEF/WHO, 2003)                                               (UNICEF/WHO, 2002)


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