Victoria Keck

Victoria Keck an Honors College senior and Nursing major, has mastered the art of multi-tasking during her time at Pace. The Wappingers Falls, New York native has been a member of the Equestrian Team since fall 2008, a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority and Welcome Center Tour Guide since spring 2009, the Marketing and Publicity Chair of SAAC (the Student Athletic Advisory Committee) since fall 2010, and joined the Yearbook staff this semester. Victoria’s favorite Pace memories are centered around the incredible people she met at here, from transforming the simplest grocery store trips into full blown adventures, to dancing the night away at her first Relay for Life, and embracing the beginning of her first spring in Pleasantville.  “These are moments I will really miss when I graduate in a few short months” she confesses.  After graduation, Victoria plans to study hard for the NCLEX exam to become a registered nurse. Her ultimate goal is to work in a hospital emergency room.

Victoria’s involvement in the Honors College allowed her to take many interdisciplinary courses and broadened her horizons. “I never would have taken a course with Professor Weishaus [her favorite professor at Pace] if it weren't for the Honors College,” she says. Victoria recommends Professor Weishaus to Honors Students taking any history, politics, or environmental-based classes. “Pathophysiology and the Media” was her favorite Honors College course because, “it combines two things I love, medicine and medical TV shows for a class for credit. It can’t get much better than that!” Being in the Honors College also allowed her to meet an array of new people and listen to department presentations in her Honors University 101 class with Professor Walther.  This helped her identify campus resources and she also fondly remembers that her UNV101 team, the Buchsbaum Billy Goats, won the “Quest for the Cup” that year.

Victoria’s advice to Honors College first-year students is simply, “Get Involved!” “The people who hate their college experience are the same people who sit in their rooms and do nothing,” she says. While she understands that college is initially an overwhelming experience, she encourages  students to embrace this new place and join clubs, organizations, or sports teams. “Never be afraid to do something because none of your friends are doing it,” Victoria says, “take advantage of every opportunity at Pace and I guarantee you will have unforgettable experiences like I did.”