The Volunteer Center of United Way and Food Bank for Westchester Presentation

       On Tuesday, February 15, 2011, in Butcher Suite, Honors College students gathered to listen to a presentation about community service.  Two non-for-profit organizations spoke at the event: The Volunteer Center of United Way and The Food Bank for Westchester.
       Speaking on behalf of The Volunteer Center of United Way was Zachary Swierat. Mr. Swierat provided a Power Point presentation with images illustrating what he described. He explained to students that the Volunteer Center is a place where potential volunteers go to get matched up with the volunteer organization that suits them best. Mr. Swierat then went on to say how the center helps to train non-profits and businesses in creating effective volunteer programs. The presentation sent the message that no matter what interests a potential volunteer has, they can be paired with an organization that fits their interests because the Volunteer Center works with over 500 non-profits in the community.
       The Food Bank for Westchester was represented by Nancy Lyons. She was very interactive with her audience, encouraged student participation, and demonstrated passion about what she was saying. Ms Lyons talked about how the Food Bank takes food donations and distributes them to people and families who cannot afford food. She spoke about how the Food Bank can always use volunteers whether it is through volunteering your time, money, or donating food. Also, Ms Lyons informed students that there are not enough food banks in the country to support the amount of people who are not eating and are in danger of being malnourished.
        Everything that was discussed was made very real to the students sitting in the room and because of this the two presenters may have influenced many of the students to start volunteering with one, or both, of these organizations.