Women's Basketball Game with Children from the Pleasantville Cottage School

The enthusiasm at Pace’s Women’s Basketball Game was heightened by the amazing energy brought by the children of the Pleasanvtille Cottage School!  To start the semester off, the first Honors College event was Wednesday, February 8, 2012 at 5:30pm in the Goldstein Fitness Center where we watched our Setters take on the Owls of Southern Connecticut State University.

A group of Honors College students arrived just around 5:30pm to await the children from the Pleasantville Cottage School. As the children entered the gym and were brought down to the front seats they were very elated that they would be sitting right by the court. The children were so eager about the game, that it was infectious and soon we were all very excited. The team must have felt our energy, because they were playing their hearts out and as such, were leading in the game for most of the time.

As time outs were called and the music started playing throughout the gym, the children began singing and even rapping along to every lyric with us; it was truly a great time! I appreciated that the numbers were small because, even though we were at a sporting event, we were still able to talk and get to know the children a little. If you have ever been to a basketball game at Pace you know that’s the place to go for free T-shirts. Well, when it came to half time, also known as, “free T-shirt time,” the children were ready to do whatever it took to get a T-shirt. One of the boys incredibly managed to catch two shirts? He was nice enough to share one with a classmate, but some children were now looking somewhat sad. These expressions were quickly gone, thanks to our advisor, Christopher Walther, who was also in attendance, who got a T-shirt for all the children and handed them out as they were getting leaving.

By the end of the game, we all learned each other’s names and became acquainted. We were all sad when our time was up. The children had a great time and so did I. Sadly the Setters lost, but played well.  Anyone who did not get a head start on their events by attending this game surely missed out.