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Homecoming Guest Sign - up


Welcome to the Guest Registration site for the Residence Halls for Homecoming 2013.


Guest Registrations are now closed.  Have a great Homecoming 2013.


  We hope that you are looking forward to the exciting and event filled Homecoming weekend.  This is a weekend that we see an influx of people into the Residences Hall as families and friends come to campus.  In order to create a safe enviroment, we ask that you register your overnight guests for Friday and Saturday night of Homecoming weekend.  Please read the registration guidelines before filling out the form with your information and the information for your guest(s).  After you have entered everything, click the submit button located at the bottom.  That is all you have to do to register an overnight guests.


    Registration guidelines:

    1) The maximum number of guests you can register for Friday night and Saturday night is two.

    2) Any guest(s) not registered will not be able to enter the Residence Halls.  Registration will end on Wednesday, October 23rd at 5:00 pm.  Any registrations received after that will be denied.

    3) Any guest(s) with a vehicle must acquire a temporary parking tag for the weekend.

    4) To be able to register a guest for two nights, please click Friday, hold down the shift key, and click on Saturday.  You would have one more guest for each evening that you could register.

    4) You are responsible for the the actions of your guest(s) within the halls.

    5) This site for registering overnight guests for the Residence Halls only.  To sign up for events for homecoming, please click here.


  Please fill out your information: