55 John Street (Manhattan)

55 John Street (Manhattan)

*Please be aware that 55 John Street is owned by Educational Housing Services.  This property is leased by Pace University for our residents. The pictures below are of a mock room for viewing purposes.  Some of the furniture comes standard in all rooms. Room dimensions do vary slightly throughout the building.* 

55 John Street Amenities

Mock Triple Room

(Hallway leading into main bedroom)  


 55 John Hallway Triple


  (Main bedroom of a triple, notice the storage under each bed.) 

*Custom designed furniture featuring large storage capacity.* 


 55 John Triple Room Shot


(LCD 23" flat screen TV/DVD Player with remote, standard in all rooms) 

*With 130 Digital Cable Stations with 2 Premium Channels!* 


 55 John Plasma TV


  (Desk & chair comes standard for each resident of the room.) 


55 John Desk


(Each room has its own bathroom. Large mirror doubles as a medicine cabinet.)  55 John Street Good Bathroom

 (Large shower, with a multiple speed showerhead.) 


 55 John Shower


(Standard in each room, a small closet for storage.)


 55 John Small Closet


(Each room comes with a self controlled heating/air conditioning unit.) 


55 John AC and Heat Unit