RA Information Sessions

Are you ready to enhance your leadership skills? Would you like to partake in the adventures of the Resident Advisor position? Are you passionate about working with your peers and making a difference in their lives?  If you answered yes, then you should apply to become a Resident Advisor for the 2014-2015 academic year.  

All prospective applicants are required to attend one information session in order to learn about the role and responsibilities of a Resident Advisor.  Applicants will have the opportunity to explore their interest in the position, network with current Resident Advisors and ask questions.

Thurs. Oct. 24th @ 9:00pm

106 Fulton - 2nd Floor Lounge

Tues. Oct. 29th @ 9:00pm

1 Pace Plaza - Lecture Hall North

Sun. Nov. 3rd @ 5:00pm

182 Broadway - 4th Floor Lounge

Fri. Nov. 8th @2:00pm

106 Fulton - 2nd Floor Lounge

Mon. Nov. 11th @ 9:30pm

St. George - Screening Room

Wed. Nov. 13th @ 12:00pm

55 John - 18th Floor Lounge

Tues. Dec. 3rd @ 9:00pm

1 Pace Plaza - Lecture Hall North

Thurs. Dec. 12th @ 9:00pm

1 Pace Plaza - Lecture Hall North

All applicants are required to attend one information session


E-Mail RD Keith Gorman - kgorman@pace.edu

**All students attending an information session in any of the residence halls must sign-in, show a valid Pace ID and leave their Pace ID with Security for the duration of the meetin.


Visit - www.pace.edu/housing