Welcome To Pace NYC Housing - Planning for Your Arrival

Welcome to Pace University NYC Housing!

Pace is proud to offer an exciting range of housing options.  Residence Life in New York is a reflection of the city itself – dynamic, diverse, unique.  Our residential program serves as a supportive environment for students to live and learn, complementing their academic education within a context that also facilitates their personal and interpersonal development.  Our primary expectation of students is that they develop an understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a member of a community.  To us, this means developing a respect for the varying needs of all members of the community, and behaving is such a way as to demonstrate that respect.

This page will explain:


Explanation of Housing Assignment/Placement and Communication Timeline (for new incoming students entering in Fall)

  • April – Room Selection process for returning students.  Maria's Tower and several floors in 55 John Street and the St. George Residence are reserved for first-year students arriving in the fall.  Additional residence hall space MAY also be reserved for first-year housing as demand increases.
  • May 1 – Priority date for new first-year and transfer students.  Students applying by this date will be guaranteed housing and will receive email and postal confirmation by June 1.  Final room assignment information will not be made available until the end of the summer (see below).
  • May 1 through July 30 – We continue to accept housing applications.  Students applying after May 1 are assigned to housing on a space-available basis. An e-mail and letter confirming receipt of the housing application and the student's status (either "guaranteed housing" or placement on a waitlist) will be sent as applications are recieved.  This notice will include a lot of information about housing, and will refer students to the Virtual Welcome Packet (see below).
  • June 15 through August 1 - incoming students applying for housing can log in to THE ROOMMATE PROJECT (see below) and complete the survey.  Students will receive an email reminder of this process.
  • July - incoming students will receive yet another email confirming their status.  This notice will again remind students of THE ROOMMATE PROJECT, and remind them to review the Virtual Welcome Packet prior to their arrival.
  • August (second week) – students placed in housing receive their placement e-mail with assignment, roommate and move in details.
  • September (Labor Day Weekend) – Move in (exact dates will vary each year).  Students move in to residence halls according to the schedule below (based on the residence hall and floor to which they have been assigned - see below).
  • September (third week) – Room Transfer and consolidation processes begin.

Explanation of Housing Assignment/Placement and Communication Timeline (for students newly applying for housing for the spring)

  • October through December – housing applications and deposits are collected by housing and admissions.  Students are notified by email when their housing application is received and they are guaranteed housing
  • December (late) - "base" charges and required supplemental meal plan charges are applied to student accounts; students are asked to provide housing preference information; notifications are sent to all students who have been guaranteed housing that room assignments will be made in the first week of January
  • January (first week) - housing assignments are made; students are sent an email with roommate name(s) and contact information and final housing and dining fee amounts
  • January 24, 2015 - residence halls open for students newly entering housing for spring 2015 semester (students returning from the fall term may move back in on Sunday January 25t)

Virtual Welcome Packet Information

  • Express Check-In: In order to facilitate the check in process, we are asking students to complete the Express Check-In process.  The link below will take you to the Express Check-In page, which will allow you to print and complete several forms necessary for checking in to the residence halls.  Please bring these completed forms with you at your check in time.  Doing so will expedite your check in.  We also ask that you complete the Emergency Information form that is linked to on the Express Check-In packet.  The Express Check-In link will be activated in early January.
  • Check-in Unloading Sign – If you arrive by car, this sign can be posted on your dash to alert police that you are in unloading.  We suggest that students print at home and bring pass with them.  While our residence hall and security staff work to help you unload and be ready to move your car as quickly as possible, Pace University is not responsible for your car, your belongings, or any traffic or parking citations you may receive.  We STRONGLY advise that you always leave at least one person with your car, and that person be ready and able to move the car if directed to do so by NYPD.

  • Map of nearby parking garages - Pace University does not have parking for students or parents in its New York City Campus.  There is very limited free parking in our part of the city.  The parking garages noted on this map have hourly and daily rates.
  • List of items sudent MAY and MAY NOT to bring
  • Resident Student Handbook
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Your Campus Address for NYC
  • Shipping items to Campus - As our ability to manage and store large quantities of shipped items is limited, we encourage students not to ship items ahead of their arrival, but rather to bring their items to campus when they arrive.  Students who live at a distance that prevents them from being able to drive into the city may need to ship items to the university.  Our recommendation to these students is to have anything that needs to be shipped arranged to arrive to Pace University AFTER Labor Day, as access to mail storage may be restricted during the holiday weekend (during which move in takes place).  These students are strongly advised to travel with everything they will need for the first few days of living in the residence halls, until they will have access to their mailed items.
  • Other options for shipping BEFORE Labor Day are listed on our Your Campus Address for NYC page.
  • Cancelling Housing
  • Bed Bath and Beyond – BB&B is an excellent place to find many of the “last minute” necessities you will need on arrival.  BB&B often offers special discounts for our students; PACE COUPON.  The BB&B location nearest to Pace is in Tribeca, a 15 minute walk from One Pace Plaza!  During the fall Labor Day move-in weekend, on Saturday and Sunday a FREE shuttle bus will be providedook for the signs!
  • Residence Hall Linens-  The Housing and Residential Life Office would like to introduce you to Residence Hall Linens– a convenient source for ordering all of your campus living needs. We has partnered with Residence Hall Linens for several years to provide Pace University students and families with a convenient, affordable way to ensure you have everything you need for life in our residence halls. The Residence Hall Linens program has it all, from sheets and comforters to matching towels and storage items. Proceeds from this program are used for programming in the residence halls. There’s free shipping on all Value Pak orders, and there are more than 40 color combinations available. Plus, linens are delivered to your home during the summer so you don’t have to venture out to the retail stores.  Order now for the best selection – popular colors can sell out quickly!
  • Collegiate Storage and Rental – students wishing to rent a microwave/refrigerator combination for the academic year (Maria’s Tower residents only) can utilize this service to do so.  We recommend discussing this with your roommate first, as only one unit is permitted per residence hall room.  Students who do not rent from Cecil may bring a small refrigerator, but are not permitted to bring a microwave.
  • Friends and Family Newsletter - Beginning in August of each year (running through May), the Office of Housing and Residential Life on the NYC campus offers a monthly email news letter for parents, family and friends of Pace students living on campus.  To subscribe, please visit tinyurl.com/OHRLnewsletter to subscribe, and we will keep you posted on everything that is happening in the residence halls!

Check in process for Fall Semester (Note: Spring 2015 semester move in for NEW STUDENTS begins at 9AM on Saturday 1/24/15, and students may move in to their building at any time; students returning from the fall semester may move in beginning at 9AM on Sunday 1/25/15)

Fall 2014 Residence Hall Check-in will take place in all residence halls during the Labor Day Weekend.  Move in times are scheduled based on building and floor assignment.  Please plan to arrive at your residence hall no earlier than the time indicated for your building and floor assignment:

August 30th move in's in YELLOW             August 31st move in's in GREEN             September 1st move in's in ORANGE

  Maria's Tower 55 John Steet 182 Broadway 106 Fulton Street St. George Residence
2nd floor n/a 8/30 @ 10AM n/a n/a n/a
3rd floor n/a 8/30 @ 11AM n/a n/a n/a
4th floor n/a 8/30 @ 12 noon n/a 8/31 @ 10AM n/a
5th floor 8/30 @ 10AM 8/30 @ 1PM 8/31 @ 10AM 8/31 @ 11:30AM 8/31 @ 1PM
6th floor 8/30 @ 11AM 8/30 @ 2PM 8/31 @ 11AM 8/31 @ 1PM 8/31 @ 1PM
7th floor 8/30 @ 12 noon 8/30 @ 3PM 8/31 @ 12 noon 8/31 @ 2:30PM 8/30 @ 12 noon
8th floor 8/30 @ 1PM 8/30 @ 4PM 8/31 @ 1 PM 8/31 @ 4PM 8/31 @ 1PM
9th floor 8/30 @ 2PM 8/31 @ 10AM 8/31 @ 1PM 9/1 @ 10AM 9/1 @ 10AM
10th floor 8/30 @ 3PM 8/31 @ 11AM 8/31 @ 2PM 9/1 @ 11:30AM 9/1 @ 11:30AM
11th floor 8/31 @ 10AM 8/31 @ 112noon 8/31 @ 3PM 9/1 @ 1PM 9/1 @ 1PM
12th floor 8/31 @ 11AM 8/31 @ 1PM 8/31 @ 4PM 9/1 @ 2:30PM 9/1 @ 2:30PM
13th floor 8/31 @ 12 noon n/a 9/1  @ 10AM 9/1 @ 4PM n/a
14th floor 8/31 @ 1PM 8/31 @ 1PM 9/1 @ 11AM 9/1 @ 4PM n/a
15th floor 8/31 @ 2PM 8/31 @ 2PM 9/1 @ 12noon 9/1 @ 4PM n/a
16th floor 8/31 @ 3PM 8/31 @ PM 9/1 @ 12noon n/a n/a
17th floor 8/31 @ 4PM 8/31 @ 4PM 9/1 @ 1PM n/a n/a
18th floor n/a n/a 9/1 @ 2AM n/a n/a
19th floor n/a n/a 9/1 @ 3PM n/a n/a
20th floor n/a n/a 9/1 @ 4PM n/a n/a
21st floor n/a n/a 9/1 @ 3PM n/a n/a
22nd floor n/a n/a 9/1 @ 4PM n/a n/a
23rd floor n/a n/a 9/1 @ 4PM n/a n/a


Directions to our residence halls


Maria's Tower (1 Pace Plaza, NY, NY 10038) residents should approach 1 Pace Plaza via Park Row (follow Broadway downtown past City Hall Park, keeping to the left as the park comes to an end; U-turn around the park, then keep right on Park Row).  Follow directions to turn right on to Frankfort Street (the street on the north side of 1 Pace Plaza).  Approach the courtyard area as traffic allows.  Stand car (do not park or leave car) at curb.  Our security staff and "Welcome Wagon" volunteers will be ready to help students unload and the curb.  Students will need to enter the courtyard and go through check-in.  After all items are unloaded, parents or other family members should park the car, and rejoin the student in Maria's Tower.

106 Fulton (NY, NY 10038) residents should approach Fulton Street via William Street, turning left on to Fulton.  The building is located on Fulton between William and Dutch.  Stand car (do not park or leave car) at curb, or turn left on to Dutch and stand the car there while unloading.  After all items are unloaded, parents or other family members should park the car, and rejoin the student in 106 Fulton.

55 John (NY, NY 10038) residents should approach Fulton Street via Broadway downtown past City Hall Park, then past Fulton Street.  Turn left on John Street.  The building is just ahead on the left.  Stand car (do not park or leave car) at curb (on John, stay between Dutch and William).  Our security staff and "Welcome Wagon" volunteers will be ready to help students unload and the curb.  Parents or other family members should park the car, and rejoin the student in 55 John.  You may also proceed around the block, turning left on William, then left on Fulton, the left on Dutch (standing and unloading from Dutch Lane).

182 Broadway (NY, NY 10038) residents should approach via Broadway downtown past City Hall Park, then past Fulton Street, then left on John Street.  The residence hall is at the corner of Broadway and John Street.  As access allows, stand car (do not park or leave car) at curb.  Parents or other family members should park the car, and rejoin the student in the residence hall.

St. George (100 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201) residents should approach Pineapple, Henry or Clark Streets area as traffic allows.  Stand car (do not park or leave car) at curb.  Our security staff and "Welcome Wagon" volunteers will be ready to help students unload and the curb.  Students will need to enter the building and go through check-in in the St. George Lobby.  Parents or other family members should park the car, and rejoin the student in the residence hall.