Winter Housing 2014-2015

The NYC residence halls close for winter break on December 20, 2014 at 12:00 noon.  Students who need to remain in the residence halls during the break (those with documented academic commitments or other significant conflicts that prevent them from leaving by noon on 12/20) must contact their Resident Director to discuss an extension.  The residence halls will reopen for returning students at 10:00 AM on Sunday January 25, 2015.

Winter break housing is not included in the academic year housing contract.  It must be applied for and paid for separately.  Below you will find complete information about winter break housing.  If you need winter break housing, you must complete the following online form by December 8, 2014 to apply for winter break housing:

Winter Break Housing Application - Pace NYC

Winter Break Housing Charges

  • If you wish to remain on campus for any portion of winter break, you must apply for break housing. All students remaining for winter break will be billed $1000 (to their Winter 2014 term account; applied to their account AFTER December 8) to cover the cost of break housing. Students staying on campus for any portion of the winter break must pay for the entire winter break. There are no partial charges for winter break housing.

Late Application Fee

  • Students applying for winter break housing after the on-time deadline of December 8th, 2014 at 5PM, will (if approved for winter break housing) be charged an additional late application fee of $200.

Winter Break Housing Requirements

  • Students applying for winter break housing must also provide a valid reason that they must be on campus during the winter break. Approved reasons for staying on campus may include distance from home that prevents the student going home for the break, a job or internship that the student must attend during the break, or enrollment in a winter break class. Documentation may be required upon request from the housing office.
  • Students are only permitted to stay in university housing if they are returning to university residence for the Spring 2015 semester.

Relocation of Maria's Tower Residents for Winter Break

  • Maria’s Tower is COMPLETELY CLOSED for the duration of the winter break.  No student may stay in Maria’s Tower during the break.  All MT residents who are approved for winter break housing will be temporarily assigned to another residence hall.  These assignments will be made purely on the basis of availability.  Preferences cannot be guaranteed.  MT students remaining in the residence halls must be prepared to move out of their primary residence and to their temporary assignment NO LATER THAN December 20, 2014.  MT residents will be required to RETURN to their permanent assignments on FRIDAY JANUARY 23, 2015.

Winter Break Housing Guests

  • There will be NO GUESTS permitted in 182 Broadway, 106 Fulton or 55 John Street for the duration of winter break. The community desk in these halls will reopen by 8AM on Wednesday January 28, 2015. Students with a critical need to have a guest during the break must complete a guest exception form (available in the housing office), and submit it to their residence director for approval BEFORE Monday December 16, 2013.  Guests at St. George will be permitted as proscribed by EHS policy. 

Winter Break Judicial Process

  • During the break, all judicial action will be summary in nature. This means that any reasonable allegation that a student has violated university policy may result in summary removal from the residence halls for the remainder of the break period. Judicial hearings for alleged violations of policy during the break will be held in the first weeks of the spring semester.