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Housing New York City

Room Selection Process Details (MyHousing and the Application Process)

Using MyHousing (for deposit, applying and selecting a room)

IMPORTANT: You must submit your deposit through the MyHousing portal. Submitting a deposit through any other method online will not allow you to complete an application. 

MyHousing is an online tool, available through you Pace Portal, that you will need for completing the deposit, application, and selecting your room (if you are taking place in the online housing selection process on April 11, 12 or 13).

Where is MYHousing located?

  • Log into your Pace Portal.
  • Click on the student tab.
  • The third link down on the left is the link for MYHousing.
  • Log into MYHousing using your Pace Portal log in. If you have trouble with the link or logging in, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

I have been able to log into MyHousing, what should I do first?

The first item to complete is the online deposit and application. All returning students wishing to return to campus for the Fall 2017 semester must complete an online application.

To complete the online deposit and application. Complete these steps. 

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your username and password
  • Click on the "student tab"
  • Click on MyHousing (requires second log on)
  • Click the link on the LEFT that says "Apply Online" follow prompts to complete your application and submit your deposit. 
  • If you submit your application too early (with incorrect or incomplete information) or have an issue with the application, please e-mail Vinn Randazzo He can reset your application to be filled out again if you have an issue.

I have completed my deposit and application and would like to take part in online room selection, what is the next step that I need to complete to make sure that I am guaranteed housing for next year?

Once you have submitted the housing deposit and application, you are guaranteed housing for the fall.  If you wish, you may participate in the online room selection process, but that is not required.  Students who do not participate in the online process will be placed in a room by the housing staff by the end of June (see NYC Guaranteed Housing on main room selection page).  Students who hope to choose a single room, or those taking part in room selection with a group of friends (hoping to fill a double, triple, quad or suite) will need to participate in the online room selection process, which will take place on April 11, 12 and 13.  On April 3rd all students who submitted a deposit and completed a housing application for NYC housing will receive an appointment time at which they can access the online system and select a room, but again, this process will only be for people who can completely fill a room (individuals selecting a room this way can choose a single if one is available; pairs of students may select from available doubles; groups of three may select from available triples; groups of four may select from available quads).  To participate in online room selection as part of a group of 2, 3 or 4 students, please be sure that you are LINKED to your proposed roommates (see below).  As noted, students who do not participate in the online selection process are still guaranteed housing, and will be placed in a room by housing staff by the end of June.

How do I LINK to others to be part of a pair or a group of 3 or 4 in order to participate in online room selection?

If you want to participate in room selection with one or more roommates, you can do so by following these steps. Please remember that students who are "linked" to one or more students only need ONE of their group to actually log in and choose a room at the time of room selection. Also, once you are linked to one or more students, you (and your group) will only be permitted to select rooms that can be filled  by your group (e.g. pairs can pick doubles, trios can pick quads, etc.)  Also, keep in mind that students can severe a link unilaterally and without notice. In such a situation, a student may believe they are linked to someone who will select a space for them, but they may get left out. It is the responsibility of all group members to ensure that they secure housing. If you leave this process up to one group member, be sure to follow up to verify that you were in fact assigned to a space in housing during the online process (otherwise you will be placed in a room by housing staff by June 1).

To LINK to others, send a roommate request:

  • In MyHousing, highlight "Room Selection" and click on "Roommate" selection.
  • Fill in Last Name, First Name, or e-mail address. If you have all of the information, you can fill it in but the Roommate search will as long as your fill in one field.
  • Click on Request Student as Roommate.
  • Repeat this process as many times as necessary to add one, two or three roommates to fill a double, triple, or quad. 

If someone has sent you a roommate request, all you have to do is confirm it by clicking on the confirm button. You will be able to see on your Home/Overview or Roommate Selection pages if someone has requested you as a roommate. To know if your roommate request has been confirmed or if you have confirmed a roommate request, your Home / Overview and Roommate selection page will show the name of the other person and then you will see "Matched Roommate Group". If you see "Does Not Match" in red lettering, your request has not been confirmed.

You may only link to students who have been placed in all three NYC online room selection lottery (meaning other students who, like you, have deposited and applied for housing through MyHousing). If a student is not available for you to link to, then they have not yet been placed in the lottery).

Room Selection Number (RSN)

The RSN is the number that determines your priority in the room selection process.  The RSD will determine the date and time of your online room selection appointment.  If you do not participate in the online room selection process, the RSN will determine where you fall in the order in which we accommodate building and floor preferences when we place you in a room after the online selection process. The RSN number is comprised of: (your class year + your GPA – demerits). Your class year is determined by the number of credits you have earned as of the time that you are applying for housing (your current credit load does not count), and is calculated as follows:

  • 0-31 credits= 1 (freshman)
  • 32-63 credits= 2 (sophomore)
  • 64-95 credits=3 (junior)
  • 96+=4 (senior)
  • Graduate student=5

The GPA used is your current Pace University cumulative GPA. Demerits are deductions that you may have received based on judicial action. Your RSN will be communicated to you in the email that will be sent on March 17, 2017. Take time to review that email carefully. If you wish to contest your RSN (e.g. you are a transfer student and you do not believe that your full load of credits is being properly recognized; you have an incomplete that will be changed to a letter grade before the start of room selection) you must speak with Stacey Butler ( by March 27th to appeal for a recalculation of your RSN.

What's next? Process applies for Large Group Selection, Theme Floor Selection, & General Housing Selection

As noted, once your application and deposit have been received, you will be entered into the online room selection process.  PLEASE NOTE: while all students will be entered into the online room selection, this part of the process is optional and only for students or groups of students that can fill available rooms (individuals will only be able to select from available single rooms; pairs will only be able to select from available doubles; trios will only be available to select triples; groups of four will only be able to select from available quads).  Students who have completed the deposit and application but who do not participate in the online room selection process will be placed manually by housing staff (by June 1). 

If you look at your Home/Overview page, there is a section at the bottom entitled "My Future Room Selection Process". Once your application and deposit have been received, you will be able to see that you have been entered into the Fall 2017 NYC General Housing Selection (this is referred to in MyHousing as your "lottery"). This section will list the start time and end time of the "lottery". Once you have been assigned a selection appointment time, that will be displayed there as well.

You will be able to see what rooms are available after the start of the "lottery". You will not be able to select a room until your lottery selection time. Until then, you will only be able to observe which rooms remain available.

If you and your matched roommate(s) have different selection times, your entire group can be placed at the time of the earliest person in your group. The person with the earliest time will need to log in before their selection time and then when they choose a room, they will be able to place the roommate(s) as well.

At the time of your room selection appointment, the person selecting a room must:

  • Be logged in before your selection time.
  • Highlight Room Selection (under "navigation") and click on Select Room/ Suite.
  • You will then be able to see a list of the available rooms that you and your roommate(s) will be able to select.
  • Click on "Select Room" next to the room you wish to explore (this will NOT immediately place you in the room).
  • You will see a list of the bed in that room, as well as the names of any other student(s) already signed in to that room.
  • If you wish to place yourself (and your roommates) in this room, choose one person's name per available bed, click " I AGREE – SUBMIT MY ROOM SELECTION ", and you have your room assignment for next year.
  • If you do not wish to place you (and your roommates) in this room, back out and try again with another room
  • The process is not over until you click "I AGREE – SUBMIT MY ROOM SELECTION" and see the message "Congratulations – your room selection process is complete!"


As noted above, students may request to be linked to one or more roommates through MyHousing. Roommates you request must confirm that they want to be paired with or attached to you before a pair or group can be finalized. Once a pair or larger group is formed, only one person from that group will need to participate in the online room selection. Also, students may only link to other students who are entered into the same room selection process (students who have deposited and applied for housing on the same campus).

Students are advised to stay in active communication with the members of their linked roommate group. Students may dissolve their connection to other students at any time. If a student is "dropped" from a group without their knowledge, and they were expecting their friend to choose a room for them, they may be left out of the online room selection process, and will therefore be placed by the housing staff (by the end of June).  Please note that roommate "LINKS" expire after the online process, so if you are linked to one or more other students but you are not placed in a room during the online process, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed with your linked roommates during the manual placement process.

Deposit Refund Policy for Returning Students

The $400 housing deposit/prepayment for returning students is refundable according to the following time table:

  • Returning student submits an agreement release form (to the housing office) by June 1: 100% refund of deposit
  • Returning student submits an agreement release form (to the housing office) by July 1: 75% refund of deposit
  • Returning student submits an agreement release form (to the housing office) by August 1: 50% refund of deposit
  • Returning student submits an agreement release form (to the housing office) by September 1: 25% refund of deposit
  • Returning student submits an agreement release form (to the housing office) after September 1: 0% refund of deposit

Please note that the housing office will begin processing cancellations on June 1; students who cancel will not receive refunds of their deposits until after that date