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Room Selection: Large Group Selection Process

Large Group Selection Process

The purpose of Large Group Selection Process is to help ensure that students who share large suites or triple rooms commit to living with one another for the course of the entire academic year.  We provide members of these large groups with the advantage of securing their room assignments prior to Theme Floor Selection or General Housing Selection because there is an advantage of having these spaces filled with students who wish to be together.  In return, it is our expectation that doing so will minimize roommate conflicts, as well as pre-fall cancellations and no-shows among these groups.

If a student within the group cancels housing prior to start of the fall semester, or moves out the room for any reason (voluntary room change, roommate conflict, cancellation, judicial removal or suspension, etc.), the director of housing (or designee) has the right to change the room occupancy as necessary. 

Residents of a large suite or triple housing assignment agree to participate in mediation to resolve any issues that may arise during the course of the semester in order to work to preserve the room assignment.  If a conflict rises to the level that one or more students must move out, the residents agree to determine who will move.  If the residents cannot agree who will move, the director of housing (or designee) reserves the right to make that decision, and may choose to move all residents.  Residents of the room must agree to allow the director of housing (or designee) to make the final decision.

To participate in the Large Group Selction Housing process, your group must:

  • Every member must deposit and apply on time
  • Students must log on to MyHousing and link as roommates
  • One member of the group must log on to MyHousing during the Large Group Selection lottery on April 11th between 7PM-Midnight. If you miss you the cutoff, MyHousing will be available until 9AM April 12th

Suite and triple locations and capacities

The following are the room types from which students participating in the Large Suite Process may choose:

  • 33 Beekman - All rergular triples, Suite quads & triples
  • All triples in 55 John and 33 Beekman will be available for large suite groups