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Room Selection: Medical Accommodations

Medical Accommodations

In order to request disability housing accommodations as a returning student (this information does not apply to incoming students for Fall 2015), the Office of Disability Services (ODS) requires:

1: Students requesting accommodations must submit the general application for housing and pay the deposit abiding by any deadlines and requirements of Residential Life.

2: Student must complete the questions on pages 2 & 3 of the Housing Accommodation Request Packet (HARP) and return them to ODS.

3: Medical documentation must be provided in the form of the Professional Disability Assessment Questionnaire: Housing Accommodation Request (included in the HARP) or a letter from a qualified medical professional.  The letter must be written on the provider’s letterhead, signed and dated, and include the provider’s licensing information, if applicable. Documentation must demonstrate medical necessity and discuss the relationship of the disability to the accommodation request. 

4: Students may be asked to sign an authorization to release information allowing ODS staff to contact your medical provider if the Assistant Director has questions and/or requires further clarification of the medical documentation.

5: Student must meet with the Assistant Director of ODS to review accommodation requests and review policies and procedures for accessing those accommodations.  It is preferable that all documentation is received (outlined in steps 2 & 3) before meeting with the Assistant Director to allow time for the Assistant Director to review the request.  If you cannot meet with the Assistant Director in person, please inform the Assistant Director and alternate arrangements will be arranged.

6: If requested accommodation is granted, student must meet with the Director of Residential Life, Patrick Roger-Gordon to determine specific placement.  If the granted housing accommodation is not readily available (for example, a single room), the student will be given a general room assignment and re-assigned as soon as the granted accommodation is available. 

Please note that the housing accommodations request process is separate from requests for academic accommodations. Additional documentation will be required and reviewed separately from requests for housing accommodations. For more information regarding academic accommodations, please refer to the ODS website:

ODS is encouraging timeliness with student requests and is asking students to submit documentation and student questions by March 26, 2015. This will allow the Assistant Director two weeks before housing selection begins (the week of April 6) to review the medical documentation, contact the medical provider (if necessary), and meet with the student.

If the request is not granted, students may appeal to the Assistant Dean for Community Standards and Compliance, Debbie Levesque. Appeals must be in writing and submitted within five business days of the denial notice. Ms. Levesque may be reached at:

Howard Johnson Hall, Room 1-12
235 Elm Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Director of the Office of Disability Services, Jenna Cler, via email (; phone (212.346.1526); during daily walk-in hours (3pm-4pm); or making an appointment (call 212.346.1526).  ODS is located at 156 William St, 8th Floor.

On April 6 and 7, students with approved for medical accommodations will be required to meet with the director of housing, choose their housing assignment for 2015-2016, and sign a housing contract. Approval for an accommodation due to a disability is not designed to provide students with a room selection advantage with respect to building selection. Unless the granted accommodation requires a specific building, students granted medical accommodations will be required to choose a room in a building commensurate with where they would be placed if participating in the main room selection process. For this reason, students granted a housing accommodation will be limited to the following buildings, based on their room selection numbers (unless the selection of a different building is necessary to meet the specified accommodation):

  • 7.0+ 182 33 Beekman, Fulton Hall, 55 John Street
  • 0—6.999 33 Beekman, 55 John Street