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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying For housing

Is housing guaranteed?
Housing is guaranteed to all entering first-year and transfer students who submit their housing application and housing deposit by the priority deadline of May 1. Please note that the housing application and deposit are separate and apart from the admissions application and deposit. Students applying after May 1 are not guaranteed housing, although we make every effort to house all applicants.

If (because I apply after May 1) housing is not guaranteed, why am I required to make a deposit when I apply?
We continue to pursue housing assignments for all students who apply. For this reason, we need students to make a commitment to accept housing should it become available.

Can you waive my housing deposit?
No. As demand for housing is tremendous, the deposit is the only mechanism we have for insuring that an applicant will continue to be committed to staying in our residence halls. The deposit allows us to provide some motivation to those who will ultimately cancel their housing application to do so early in order to allow us to accommodate the needs of those on the waitlist.

If I apply after May 1, will housing still available for the fall semester?
During the summer, our housing profile and availability changes frequently. We continue to accept housing applications and deposits, and we recommend that you submit them as soon as possible. We do everything possible to accommodate everyone who wants to live on campus.

I am not a current resident; can I apply for housing for the spring semester?
Yes. We work very hard to place every student who applies for housing. Spring placements are made in late december and early january, after the residence halls close for the fall term.

What if I am on the waitlist but I don’t get housing?
Students remain on the waitlist until they ask to be removed. In the past, we have eventually offered housing to all students who remain on the waitlist (usually by the first or second week of classes), but our ability to do so varies each year and is not guaranteed. We continue to offer space to waitlist students as it becomes available throughout the fall semester. Students who wish to be removed must complete and submit a housing cancellation form to cancel their application. Students who cancel from the waitlist before they are offered housing will receive a 100% refund of any housing deposit paid.

In what buildings are students placed?
Students are placed in Maria's Tower, 55 John Street, 182 Broadway, 106 Fulton Street and St. George residences (located in Brooklyn Heights). First-year students cannot be placed in 182 Broadway or 106 Fulton Street, and transfers are typically not placed in Maria's Tower.

When will I know if I have received housing?
During the last week of may and first week of june, we send emails to all of those for whom we are able to reserve housing. Throughout the summer, we send emails to all of those who are guaranteed housing and those who are on the waitlist, apprising them of their status. Whenever a person is taken from the waitlist and placed in housing, we also send them a letter and email to that effect. If you applied by may 1 and do not receive confirmation by June 15, contact our office at 212.346.1295 or at If you did not apply before may 1 and have not received a letter indicating that you have been placed in guaranteed housing, you are still on the waitlist.

When will I know where I will be placed?
Housing issues final assignment letters in the middle of August. This allows us to utilize all of the preference information provided during the summer (through; see below), as well as avoid placing students that may have cancelled during the course of the summer. The final placement email and letter will include your final building assignment, the name(s) and email addresses of your roommate(s), and your assigned time to move in.

How will housing communicate with me through the summer before I start classes?
Students who are placed in housing should receive an initial email noting that they have received housing (as well as some additional important information), a second email and mailing in july, and a final email in mid-August (this last email will include their exact placement and the name of their roommate(s)).

How do I let you no I no longer need housing?
Students who wish to be removed must complete a Housing Cancellation Form to cancel their application. New students who cancel their application will receive a refund of their damage deposit only. Returning students are eligible for a refund of their room reservation deposit as well, depending on when during the summer their cancellation is received.

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Housing preferences

Who will be my roommate?
If you do not indicate a roommate preference during orientation, you will be placed with a student who most closely matches the personal information you provided through (see below). If you do indicate a roommate preference, we will work to place you with them but we cannot guarantee such a placement.

How do I indicate a building and roommate preference?
Beginning june 15th, and running through august 1, incoming students will be eligible to provide us with their housing preferences via the roommate project ( Preferences are not guaranteed.

Am I guaranteed the building placement/room type/roommate I prefer?
No. While we work hard to place students in the accommodation of their choice, as housing is a limited resource, we cannot always guarantee placement in a specific building or room type, or with a specific roommate.

How can I improve the chance that I will be placed in the building that I want?
Students are granted their preference in the order that we receive their housing application and deposit. The earlier we receive these items, the greater the chance that we will be able to meet all of your preferences.

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Life in the residence halls

Does pace use "temporary triples"?
Yes. Temporarily increasing the capacity of a limited number of rooms is a strategy many colleges and universities employ to allow them to house students who would otherwise remain on waitlists. When housing demand is great, pace converts a small number of double rooms in maria's tower to triple rooms. The housing staff works continuously during the first weeks of the semester to "de-triple" these students into standard accommodations as spaces become available. Students assigned to these rooms receive a discount ($800) in the cost of their housing for the first semester. Most temporarily triple rooms are "de-tripled" for the end of september, and nearly all are "de-tripled before the end of october. All students are guaranteed to be offered other accommodations by the start of the second semester.

Can I change my room assignment?
Our experience shows that even if a student is unhappy with their original housing assignment, after taking time to adjust to their environment and meet their roommate, floor mates and resident advisor (ra) the vast majority of students no longer wish to move. For this reason, once placement is completed in mid-august, housing is in a “room freeze” period where changes can only be made for dire situations (as judged by the housing professional staff). For whatever reason you have, you may apply for a room transfer request (through after you move in to the residence halls. If you are thinking about a room change, talk to your ra for assistance. In cases where consideration of a room change is critical, students should contact the director of housing (prior to move in), or their resident director (after move in). Students who require special accommodations due to medical need must complete the medical accommodations application process (more information available here) with the counseling center to have their accommodation need assessed (see below).

I want a single – how do I get one?
There are very few single rooms in pace housing. Most are selected by upper-class students at room selection process (the process where our current residents choose their rooms for the following year). First year students and transfers are generally not eligible for single rooms. Students who require a single room due to medical need must complete the medical accommodations application process (more information available here) with the counseling center to have their accommodation need assessed (see below).

I have a medical issue or some other special need, and I require a certain type of housing. How can I secure special accommodations?
Students who require special accommodations due to medical need must complete the medical accommodations application process (more information available here) with the counseling center to have their accommodation need assessed (see below).

I have a disability that may affect my mobility in an emergency. What should I do?
In an emergency evacuation, pre-planning is extremely important in ensuring that persons with physical disabilities are provided with the knowledge and assistance needed to evacuate a building. Students must notify their resident advisor of their mobility impairment, whether it is temporary or permanent. In case of an alarm, persons with physical disabilities may remain in their rooms, contact the security (or community desk) officer and notify of your location. Emergency personnel will assist the student at that time. Residents needing assistance should meet with the residential life staff and the safety and security department to discuss a plan of action before an emergency situation arises and should follow that plan when an alarm sounds.

What is an RA?
Your ra is your resident advisor. She/he is an upper-class student leader and a staff member of the office of housing & residential life empowered to facilitate your housing experience. Your ra is a mediator, listener, organizer, policy enforcer, and a role model in your community. We hope that you will have a great experience with your ra as you become a member of the ohrl community.

Can you smoke in the halls?
No. All residence halls are completely smoke free.

What size are the residence hall beds?
We have standard twin size mattresses in all of our residence halls.

Is their internet access in the halls?
Yes. There is internet access via an ethernet cord as well as wireless in all residence halls.

Are there laundry and kitchen facilities?
Yes. In fulton hall, kitchen space is provided in every apartment (full kitchens on floors 7 through 15; limited kitchen facilities on floors 4 through 6). In 182 broadway, 55 john street, maria’s tower and st. George, common area kitchens can be utilized by students. Laundry facilities are available in all buildings.

What is a theme floor?
Complete information about theme floors is available here.

Can I have guests?
Yes. Being a guest in pace university residence halls is a privilege not a right. Guests must present valid photo identification at the community desk prior to entering the building. Individuals may be registered as short term guests an unlimited number of times. Individuals may be registered as long term guests no more than three consecutive nights, and not more than ten nights in any one-month period. No more than two long-term or short term guests are allowed to be checked into the residence halls at one time without a guest exception. Guests under the age of 18 must possess written permission with contact information from legal parent or guardian and a completed and approved guest policy exception. Guest policy exceptions can be submitted through, and must be completed at least 48 hours in advance for weekdays, and 72 hours in advance for weekends of the requested date(s).

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Moving in and moving out

When do the residence halls open?
In the fall, the halls open on labor day weekend, but individuals must move on the specific day assigned to them. All students will receive an email in august specifying their room assignment and the date and time that people on their residence hall floor may move in. Opening times for the spring will be publicized in the residence halls during the end of the fall semester. Please refer to the move in plan for specific move in days and times for each residence hall.

What day do the residence halls close? What day should I move out?
Residents must check out of their rooms within 24 hours of their last final exam, or by 12:00 noon on the day after the last scheduled exam, whichever comes first!

I need to move in earlier than my assigned check-in day. What do I do?
The residence halls are always busy and summer is no exception! We work hard with security, buildings & grounds, admissions and other departments at pace to make sure that your room is ready for your arrival and we often find ourselves ready exactly on your assigned check-in day! If you need to request an early arrival (whether for personal reasons or due to a late orientation) you may do so by e-mailing our staff with your situation and need for the early arrival. E-mail our office at, or call us at 212.346.1295call: 212.346.1295. You will receive the name and email address of the specific person who is coordinating early arrivals, and you will need to email that person directly. Please understand that there are several reasons why your room may not be available for an early arrival, so early move-in is not guaranteed. Also, students who are permitted to move in early are asked to assist with “welcome wagon”, our team of students who help others move in on the two primary check-in days.

Is there a way to ship my belongings before check-in day?
Information about shipping and storage options can be found here.

Do I have to move all of my belongings when I leave for winter break and can I stay for winter break?
No, you may leave your belongings in your room, since you are coming back for spring semester! You should however either take or secure any valuable items. You must do a health and safety check out with your ra before you leave for break. Limited space is available for students to stay in the residence halls during winter break, but the exact buildings and rooms available for winter break housing will not be determined until mid-october. There is an additional application process and fee for winter break housing. Students are encouraged to move out during the break.

What is an improper check-out?
Students leaving an assigned space for any reason (transfer, consolidation, contract termination, or end of year/session) must complete the housing cancellation form, and they must complete the check-out procedure. Any portion of the check-out procedure not completed will result in a charge/fine. This procedure includes making an appointment with current ra at least 24 hours before departure, cleaning your room (i.E. Remove garbage, vacuum, etc.), moving furniture to original position (reserved for an end of year/session check-out), removing all of your belongings, returning your keys to your ra, and signing/retaining your copy of the check-out rcr. The ra will take your key, so it is imperative that your belongings are out of the rooms. Any items left behind will be considered abandoned and will be discarded. Remember, we do not offer storage services.

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Questions about temporary triples

Is there any chance I will be assigned to a "regular" room prior to the move in date?
Yes. We anticipate that several if not most students assigned to the temporary triples will be reassigned to standard double rooms in maria's tower or standard double or triple rooms in our building at 55 john street prior to their arrival. When this occurs, we will notify all affected students by e-mail.

How many students will be assigned to temporary triple rooms?
We plan to make 45 rooms temporary triples, meaning that 135 students will initially be in temporary triples, but only 45 students will need to be "de tripled" to place everyone in a standard double in maria's tower, or standard double or triple in 55 john street.

How long will I be assigned to a temporary triple room?
We cannot say for certain, but our past experience demonstrates that we are likely to have many vacancies occur in our freshman housing within the first two weeks after move-in day. As soon as we confirm a student has cancelled, we will be able to "de-triple" a room.

In what order are rooms detripled?
We place (and de-triple) students in the order in which we received their completed housing application. The triple room housing the student with the earliest application date (among those in temporary triple rooms) will be the first to be de-tripled.

What if I like the temporary triple room? Do I have to move out?
No. We will offer all temporary triples the opportunity to be de-tripled by the end of the fall semester, but students who all agree to remain in the temporary triple will not be forced to move. Students will not, however, receive the room discount for the spring semester.

When my room is detripled, how will you decide who will be required to move out?
We prefer that the three residents involved come to a consensus regarding who is to move first. If the students cannot agree, the student with the latest application submission date will selected by default to move rooms. We always try to detriple residents within maria's tower.

How does this impact the cost of my housing?
Any student assigned to a triple as of the day they move into the residence halls will receive an $800 discount on the cost of their fall housing. This discount will come in the form of a reduced initial housing charge (temporary triple students will pay $4550 for their first semester rather than the standard rate of $5350 for a double in maria's tower). Students who remain in a temporary triple after october 31 will receive an additional $800 refund of their housing bill. As all students will be de-tripled by the start of the spring semester (or offered to be de-tripled), there will be no discounted housing fees in the spring term.

Instead of moving in to a temporary triple, can I just commute from home and see if anything else opens up?
This is possible, but we strongly advise students to move in and remain on campus while waiting to be detripled. If you do decide to wait it out at home, you must contact the director of housing to make sure that the housing office is aware of your plans.

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General questions

How do I reach the office? What are the hours?
Our official telephone number is 212.346.1295call: 212.346.1295 and our fax number is 212.346.1296call: 212.346.1296. Our e-mail address is We are open 9 am to 5 pm monday-friday.

What is the meal plan all about?
All resident students are required to purchase one of the supplemental meal plans. Plans are assigned based upon your earned academic credit hours or housing location. The meal plan is designed with the student in mind offering dining convenience, ample hours of service, and a variety of food selections in a collegial social setting that is safe and clean. Students may dine, snack, answer e-mail, enjoy wi-fi access, and never pay sales tax on food purchases.

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