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Housing NYC

The New York City Experience (NYCE): 33 Beekman Upper-Class Students

What is NYCE?

This floor will expose students to NYC. A community of leaders will be developed immersing students into cultural and social activities. Each month a specific neighborhood (history, culture, food) and must see-spot in the city will be explored. Join the NYCE theme floor community and get this unique social, personal, and social experience all geared toward our campus, New York City.

Why Chose NYCE?

  • To expose students to making the most of their time in the most incredible city in the world
  • To learn explore different career opprotunities in NYC
  • To educate students on the history, culture, and food of NYC

Events to look forward to:

  • A visit to neighborhood of the month (restaurants, museums, theaters, must-dos)
  • Cable Mavericks Conference, Tribeca Film Fesival, and Fashion Week!
  • City Harvest and NYC Food banks volunteering
  • Guest Speakers Jeff Blaisdell, and Brian Evans on NYC for free
  • Exhibits and street fairs bi weekly
  • Career Workshop Series: NYC (The Utimate Playground for Career Advancement)
  • Resume/Cover Letter Workshop
  • Networking with Social Media
  • NYC Internships
  • NYC Jeopardy Game
  • Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, and Autism Speaks Walks