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The Office of Residential Life is committed to the education and development of all students into responsible, well-rounded and self-reliant individuals. For optimal development to occur, we will provide a balance of challenges and opportunities. By recognizing each student as an individual, we will expose them to differences, while revealing similarities, in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of themselves and others. We will seek and create new educational and social communities in order to provide opportunities for civic engagement. We will provide a comfortable, safe and supportive environment, conducive to learning and maximizing retention.

Residential Life will systematically assess its effectiveness through a continuous process of self-evaluation and staff development. We will strive to clarify our role based upon the needs of students and other constituencies, and will build authentic interdependencies within the university community. Finally, we espouse; “the fundamental purpose of a college or university – to promote learning – and shape educationally powerful environments that ensure student learning and personal development.”


Fall 2014 Semester in Weschester:

We are working hard at this time to get ready for our residents to move back into the residence halls after a relaxing and enjoyable summer.  During orientation, we had the chance to meet with the first year students who have decided to move onto campus to start their Pace career.  Please familiarize yourself with our website as there is infromation that will make living in the residence halls easier for you.   In order to make your move in experience better, please make sure that your student account is in good financial standing and  that you know your move in day.