On-Campus Phones

Your Phone

Unlike many universities, Pace provides each resident student with their own phone.  You Do NOT need to bring your own.  In fact, non-Pace phones will not work on the Pace telecommunications network.  The following telephone services are included in the cost of your room:

-One Touch dialing for Pace Security

-Call waiting

-Personalized Voicemail

-Free local calls (see list below)

-Free campus to campus calls (NYC, Pleasantville, Briarcliff and White Plains)

-Free calls to all Pace administrative offices

Long distance calls are NOT included in the cost of your room and each student must set up their own long distance service.

Signing Up for Service

Pace has partnered with PAETEC Communicationsand has used the purchasing power of the entire student population to negotiate competitive rates. This collective pooling of resources allows Pace to offer significant savings over using a calling card or calling collect.

In order to take advantage of these rates you must create an account with PAETEC.  You may sign up for your account on-line by clicking here, or you may call PAETEC at 1-800-962-4772.  After you have signed up for an account, PAETEC will mail you a Personal Billing Number (PBN).  You will need this number every time you make a long distance call from your residence hall room.

Please note: PAETEC is the only long distance provider for Pace University’s Westchester campuses.

Dialing Instructions

Long Distance within the United States and Canada

Dial 78 (hear tone) enter 1+ Area Code + 7- digit phone number, enter PBN

International Calls (Except Canada):

Dial 78 (hear tone) enter 011+ Country code, + City code (if needed)

  + phone number, PBN

Local Calls (Free Calls):  Dial 9+ phone number

Phone numbers beginning with the following prefixes are FREE when made from the designated campus

From Briarcliff: 597, 762, 923, 941, 944 and 945

From Pleasantville: 597, 741, 742, 745, 747, 749, 769 and 773

For more information about PAETEC and the services they offer, please visit their website or their list of frequently asked questions.