Housing Points for Current Students

Point System for Room Selection

The room selection process is based on a point system.  Points will be assigned under each of the following categories.  The total accumulation of points for a student will determine his/her standing.  Points may be disputed during the point dispute period. The form that should be turned into SDCA can be found here.

Housing Points 

Campus Involvement, Credits and QPA points are based on standing as of the end of the Fall 2012 semester.   Contribution to Community and Community Involvement are evaluated through the Point Dispute period.  The final assessment will occur just prior to room selection.  However, should a student become involved in a disciplinary incident after the points have become final, the Office of Residential Life will review that student’s points.  Residents begin each year with zero points and accumulate points based on their QPA, credits earned, community contribution and campus involvement.

Students who are new Pace University resident students as of the spring semester are not eligible for campus involvement points or QPA points.  Residents who moved to another residence hall for the spring semester will be evaluated for community contribution points by both their fall RD and their current spring RD.

1)    NUMBER OF CREDITS: Based on credits earned as of the end of the fall semester.  New residents as of the spring semester will have their transfer credits count as their total credits, provided the credits have been properly transferred and posted.   Max = 14 points.

96 credits and above        = 14

80 - 95 credits                 = 12

64 - 79 credits                 =  9

48 - 63 credits                 =  7

32 - 47 credits                 =  5

12 - 31 credits                 =  3

  4 - 11 credits                 =  1


2)    QPA: Based on the cumulative index as of the end of the fall semester.  New residents as of the beginning of the spring semester are not eligible for QPA points. Max = 8 points.

3.50 or above       =  8 points

3.00 > 3.50           =  5 points

2.50 > 3.00           =  3 points

2.00 > 2.50          =  1 point

1.99 or below         =  0 points


3)    INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTION TO COMMUNITY:Awarded by your Residence Director.  This rating reflects an individual's behavior, and general attitude toward fellow residents, staff, and University policies.  This category also encompasses room damage and general room condition.   Max = 7 points.

                7  Points       Model Resident - Helps organize and run events; respectful of other residents as well as University policies, property and staff; no disciplinary history; keeps area clean and free of damages; participates in all residence hall-related functions

             5  Points       Good Resident-Gets involved in most building events; is respectful of other residents and University property; cooperates with University policies and staff; has no disciplinary history; and keeps area neat.

             3  Points       Average Resident -All residents start at this level.  Displays a genuine desire to cooperate with other residents and University policies, property and staff; has no major disciplinary history; and tries to keep area neat.

             1  Point         Resident in Questionable Standing - Has a disciplinary history and disregard for University policies, property and staff; challenges policies and staff; and displays mild regard for other residents.

             0  Points        Resident in Poor Standing - Shows no regard for disciplinary history (repeat offender), fellow residents, and University policies and staff; and shows no desire to cooperate with Residence Life Staff


4)    CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT:     This will be evaluated by the Office of Student Development & Campus Activities and the Athletics Department based on official rosters submitted by the appropriate deadlines.  This includes members of all recognized clubs, organizations and affiliates as well as participants on varsity athletic teams.  Involvement is as of the fall of the current academic year.   Max = 5 points.

             5  Points      - President of one recognized club, organization or affiliate

                                - Officer of one recognized club, organization or affiliate AND member

                                          at least one additional recognized club, organization or affiliate

                                        - Member of the Student Association Executive Branch

                                        - Varsity team captains

            3  Points         -Officer of one recognized club, organization or affiliate

                                -Member of more than one recognized club, organization or affiliate

                                        -Member of more than one varsity team

                                -Member of one varsity team AND member of one recognized club, org. or


            2  Points        -Member of one recognized club, organization or affiliate

                                -Member of one varsity team.


5)    COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Residents who have participated in a community service project organized by Pace or a Pace Office/Club/Varsity Team are entitled to one (1) additional housing point.  Students must obtain proof of participation from the appropriate staff person using this form and present it to Matthew Lavery in the Office of Residential Life.  These can not be hours that were used to satisfy a judicial sanction or for class.  Max = 3 points