What We Provide in the Rooms

 Furnishings and Other Services Provided by Pace

Pace University provides the following for EACH OCCUPANT OF A ROOM:

A twin size bed and mattress.  Please wait to receive your room assignment before purchasing your bedding as some of our beds are extra long and others are not.

A desk and a chair. 

A dresser and a closet or wardrobe.

A cable TV jack.  The cable package is pre-set and cannot be altered

An Ethernet connection. 

Also provided in each room:

Blinds or shades for the windows*

Screens for the windows*

* These items should not be removed from the windows unless there is an emergency

All Furnishings must remain in the assigned room at all times.  Residenial Life cannot remove any of these items during the Academic Year.   For more information about Pace University Residential Life, click here. .  It contains full building descriptions as well as other helpful information.