Theme Floor Descriptions

Theme Floor Communities

Participate in a residence hall theme floor community and you’ll discover an avenue for connecting with peers, mentors and campus resources. Make the transition smoothly from high school to college life with the help of an upperclassman Resident Advisor.  A theme floor community allows you to explore and experience Pace University and New York City with other students who share your interests.  Give back to the local and global community through service learning projects and fundraising for charities specifically selected for each theme.  Interact and network with professionals from the New York City community and Pace faculty members.  Research shows that students who take part in theme floor communities have higher GPAs.

Theme Floor Communities 2014-2015:


·       Between Takes (Film): Maria’s Tower - First Year Students

Everybody loves movies, but not everyone can connect what happens on the silver screen with their daily lives. We will take the movies you love and relate them to the life you lead.Sample monthly topics include the movies of NYC, horror, gay and lesbian films, documentaries, comedy, and drama.  Typical events and trips include: movie sites of Central Park walking tour, trips to the movie theatre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the museum of the moving Image.

·       Green Adventures: Maria’s Tower - First Year Students

We are an eco-friendly community that aims to educate residents about our effect on the environment, while also allowing them to experience, give back to, and appreciate nature.  Sample Monthly Topics include: natural cycles, environmental justice, rainforest deforestation, restoration ecology, recycling & pollution, drinking water access, laws, politics, carbon footprint, sustainability, biodiversity, local organic fair trade movement.  Typical events and trips include: horseback riding, Botanical Gardens, kayaking on the Hudson River, Brooklyn Aquarium, Union Square Farmers Market, hiking, and indoor rock climbing.

·       Women’s Empowerment Floor: Maria’s Tower 1st Year Students

Join this floor of driven ambitious female students who are part of the Women’s Empowerment Network at Pace.  Be exposed to unique personal and professional opportunities and become equipped with the essential tools to become the female leader you wish to be.

·       Honors: Maria’s Tower - First Year Student & 182 Broadway - Upper-class Students

On the Honors Floors we are building a community of leaders and global citizens while encouraging scholarship, offering exciting opportunities and broadening horizons. Come figure out who you are, who you want to be and how you can make a difference in the world.  Sample monthly topics include: gender/women’s issues, political ethics, sex and relationship ethics, media issues.  Typical events & trips include: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Toys ‘R’ Us, City Hall Tour, Museum of Sex, Museum of the Moving Image, Holocaust Museum

·       Foodies (sustainability in dining): 55 John Street - First Year Students

Do you love food? Do you have a passion for sustainable practices in the culinary world? The purpose of culinary floor is to educate residents on the importance of food, not only as sustenance, but also as a representation of culture, politics, and health. You will explore many aspects of food its preparations, meanings, and origins.  Typical events include: hands on cooking demonstrations, trips to city farms, and various restaurants in the city.

·       Social Justice: Maria’s Tower - First Year Students

Join this safe and welcoming community and explore areas of social justice such as race, class, sexual identity, gender expression, ethnicity, and religion through a variety of programs and activities.  Learn practical and powerful ways on how to impact communities both inside and outside of your own identities.  Typical events include: discussions surrounding diversity, social justice and inclusion, guest speakers with professors, and workshops with your fellow peers. 

·       Mosaic (world cultures): Maria’s Tower - First Year Students

Interested in learning about the many cultures throughout the globe and New York City?  Join your fellow residents on trips to different neighborhoods of New York City and the amazing museums New York City has to offer.  Typical events include: Trips to the MET, movie screening, and tours of various NYC neighborhoods and parks.  

·       Learn, Engage, Advance, Develop – LEAND (Leadership Development): Maria's Tower - First Year Students

Looking on how to develop your leadership skills and make the most of your time here at Pace?  Through a variety of both academic and professional workshops as well as community building events, we will help shape you into the leader, for tomorrow.  Typical events include: goal setting exercises, discussions on leadership styles and how you can use them for your success, and networking opportunities with various university departments.   

·       Studio/Art: 55 John Street: 55 John Street – First Year Students

This floor will establish a creative community that provides students with the resources and inspiration necessary to develop their creative skills and abilities, collaborate with other students and local artists, and incorporate the creative arts into their academic development.

·       Creative Expressions: Maria’s Tower – First Year Students

Enjoy expressing yourself through painting, photography, drawing, or any other form of the creative arts?  Join this community where students will have the opportunity to create and share their art together.

·       The New York City Experience (NYCE): 182 Broadway Upper-Class Students

This floor will expose students to NYC.  A community of leaders will be developed immersing students into cultural and social activities.  Each month a specific neighborhood (history, culture, food) and must see-spot in the city will be explored.  Join the NYCE theme floor community and get this unique social, personal, and social experience all geared toward our campus, New York City. 

·       Internvention (exploring internships): 182 Broadway – Upper Class Students

This floor will establish a proactive community that provides students with the resources and experiences necessary to open the doors of unique pre-professional opportunities.  Through personal assessment and career exploration, students will be exposed to different industries, attend resume building workshops, practice interview skills, and attain the internship of their dreams.  Typical events include: tours of various companies, interview practice days, networking event, career fairs, and alumni panels.

·       Business Leaders (all majors): 182 Broadway – Upper Class Students

This floor will establish a community of leaders in all aspects of the business community.  Learn how to establish a professional mindset while being exposed to leaders in the business community.  Learn what the next steps are beyond your current internship and graduation.  Typical events include: networking opportunities with business leaders, case study competitions, and various trips to business museums in NYC.