Townhouse / New Dorm Room Selection

Townhouse / New Dorm – Priority Housing


For those student who would like to apply to live in the Townhouses or New Dorm, you must complete the following steps individually and as a group.


Each person in the group must:

1)      Turn in a housing deposit of $400 dollars to the Office of Student Assistance.  OSA will start collecting Housing Deposits on March 1st and will continue to accept them until Friday, April 5th.  If someone does not have a Housing deposit on the application, the alternate will be counted and given the space in the house or suite.

2)      Each student in the group must complete an online application using the MyHousing website.  The MyHousing website can be located on your pace portal.  This must be filled out before April 5th


Each application group must:

A)     Print off this application that is listed below.  Applications will be online starting March 1st. For those groups applying to live in the Townhouses, you will need to list 2 alternates.  For those applying  for New Dorm, must list one.

B)      The earliest date to turn in an application to the Office of Residential Life is March 13th

C)      All Townhouse and New Dorm applications need to be handed in by 4:00 pm on Friday, April 5th.

D)     To be considered a valid application, the group average must be 15 points.  To calculate your group average, you would add the scores on the application and divide by 8 for the Townhouses and 4 for New Dorm.  If an alternate needs to be used, we will calculate using the alternate to see if the application has a minimum of 15 points.

E)     To have a valid application, one member of the application group must hand it to a Residential Life staff member in Howard Johnson Hall.  When you do this, you will get a receipt with a group number.  Once you have your group number, your application will be counted.

F)      We will post who was granted to live in the Townhouses by group number which is your number on the receipt.  Postig days are:

          1) April 9th at 2:00 pm for Townhouses.

          2) April 10th at 2:00 pm for New Dorm.

   Assignments will be posted in the Residential Life Office, online, and at the Dean of Students Office.



If your group is selected to live in the Townhouses or New Dorm, every member of your group will need to sign a contract on April 12th.  Along with signing your contract, you will be able to select your meal plan for the academic year.


Helpful notes for Applying for the Townhouses and New Dorm

-          You must reapply for the Townhouses and New Dorm every year.  If you are living there now, you are not guaranteed to be placed there for the Fall semester.

-          You will need to fill out the application online.

-          If you are selected for a Townhouse or New Dorm, you are not allowed to participate in any other room selections.