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The MyHousing Site

Every student who applies for housing for the Fall 2017 semester must make a Housing Deposit, fill out the online application, and take part in a Room Selection Night. For those resident who are going through the Priority Housing / Townhouse / Elm Hall and Single and Double-as-a-Single selection, the online application is your last step online. For those residents not taking part in those selections, you will be using the MyHousing site to select your room. Below is some helpful information on the online application and using the MyHousing site to select a room.

Where is MYHousing located?

1) Log into your Pace Portal.
2) Click on the student tab.
3) Click the link on the left for MYHousing.
4) Log into MYHousing using your Pace Portal log in. If you have trouble with the link or logging in, please contact the IT Helpdesk.

I have been able to log into MYHousing, what should I do first?

The first item to complete is the online application. Everybody that will be living on campus for the Fall 2017 semester will complete an online application.

To fill out the application:

1) Click the box located under the Apply Online.
2) Fill out the application completely and submit.
3) If you submit your application early or have an issue with the application, please e-mail

I have filled out my online application and would like to take part in the On line Room Selection, what is the next step that I need to complete to make sure that I can select a room for next year?

The next step is to request a roommate(s). You will need to have a matched pair with one other person to be able to select a double room. If you are planning on living in a triple or a quad, you will need to have two or three roommates requests acknowledged.

To send a roommate request:

1) Highlight Room Selection and click on Roommate selection.
2) Fill in Last Name, First Name, or e-mail address. If you have all of the information, you can fill it in but the Roommate search will as long as your fill in one field.
3) Click on Request Student as Roommate.
4) If you are planning on living in a triple, repeat this process again. If you are planning on living in a quad, repeat this process a total of three times.

If someone has sent you a roommate request, all you have to do is confirm it by clicking on the confirm button. You will be able to see on your Home/Overview or Roommate Selection pages to see if someone has requested you as a roommate.

To know if your roommate request has been confirmed or if you have confirmed a roommate request, your Home / Overview and Roommate selection page will show the name of the other person and then you will see “Matched Roommate Group”. If you see “Does Not Match” in red lettering, your request has not been confirmed.

Now that I have my matched roommate(s), what’s next?

Now you are ready to select a room. If you look at your Home/Overview page, there is a section at the bottom called “My Future Room Selection Process”. This is the area that will let you see the room selections that are coming up and if you are a part of these selection nights. This section will also list the start time of that selection night, end time of that selection night, and your selection time within that time period.

You will be able to see what rooms are available after the start of the selection night. You will not be able to select a room until your group’s highest priority selection time. Until then, you will only be able to see rooms.

If you and your matched roommates have different selection times, your group can select at the time of the earliest person in your group. The person with the earliest time will need to log in before their selection time and then when they select a room, they will be able to place the roommate(s) as well.

To be able to select a room:

1) Be logged in before your selection time.
2) Highlight the Room Selection and click on Select Room/ Suite.
3) You will then be able to see a list of the available rooms that you and your roommate(s) will be able to select.
4) Click on Select Room.
5) Place you and your roommate in a room.
6) Click the submit button and you have your room assignment for next year.

Powerpoint for MyHousing

For anyone that would like a visual reference to use the MyHousing, please download this PDF.