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Extreme Sports and Pace Nation (ESPN)

Students who are interested in sports of all kinds, pushing their adrenaline levels or supporting our athletic teams. Students in this community will participate in various competitions throughout the year, and play an active role in supporting athletic teams on campus. Opportunities to stay active through individual and team competitions as well as through supporting our athletics program will be provided.

Alyssa Caffarelli -
Residence Director
Amanda Aguayo, Malakhi Smith                   Jon Sangas, Keyshana Dupuy
Resident Assistants
Dr. Kevin Wynne
Faculty Partner

FIG Lounge: Alumni 300


Student Testimonials

Jenna Steinkamp

The ESPN FIG has been extremely helpful in my life as a freshman here at Pace. Transitioning was difficult, but having a group of similarly minded people with the same interests in sports, soon became a home away from home. The different events that were held were so much fun like going with people to the football games to support Pace. Whereas most schools centralize their sports around football, the FIG made it about all athletics and activities in general. A dozen people in the dorm went out at the beginning of the semester and tossed a Frisbee and around and also played pickup games of basketball. RA Jason had organized a great trip to go to the Barclays Center and watch a game! You could really see the cohesion of people in the fig and I am proud to be a part of it.

Luis Guzman

My FIG ESPN has taught and shown me many things that I never would of thought of doing. I was able to meet great people and go to places I would of never seen myself going to. Some places that I was able to go to for the first time was the Barclays Center. They were having an event called Coaches vs Cancer where it had schools like Duke and Stanford playing against each other just to raise money for cancer awareness. I will never regret choosing this FIG because of the awesome events and the great friends I was able to make here.

Faculty Testimonial

This is the first year that I have been involved as a Faculty Partner for the FIG program. It has been a unique experience in a few ways. Approximately 40 students, 2 faculty members, and an administrator attended a college basketball double header at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn. It was enjoyable interacting with the students in a non-traditional environment. We are discussing more trips in the future.

Kevin J. Wynne, Ph.D.
Academic Director, Masters in Finance for Professionals (MFP) Associate Professor, Finance and Business Economics Lubin School of Business, Pace University


  • Trips to the Barclay's Center for College Basketball tournaments and a local ice skating rink
  • Kick-off events before various Pace athletic events
  • Discussions around current events in professional sports