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Setters Leadership House – SLH

Students who have applied and been accepted to SLH. Setters Leadership and Service House students will engage in ongoing service projects and attend weekly leadership workshops. SLH students will also enroll in a leadership course in the spring semester.

Abigail Smith
Residence Director
Steve DeMartis
Resident Assistant
Zikomo Barr
Staff Partner

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SLH Testimonials


Malakhi Smith - Class of 2019

The Setters Leadership and Service House taught me the importance of others in our everyday lives. I've learned that being a leader isn't about commanding others to complete tasks, but empowering them to do what they can. The Setters Leadership House has positively impacted my team building skills and ability to thrive here at Pace!

Steve Nahow - Class of 2018

Setters Leadership House has played a big role in my freshman year! With the many workshops, and discussion session about leadership, I was able to develop and grow as a person! The information I've learned during these sessions have had a big impact on me, and I will continue to build off of them as my life at Pace continues!

Courtney Effaldana - Class of 2020

The Setters Leadership House was a big part of my freshman year. It helped me to grow to be the person I am today, and will continuously help me grow in the future. I learned not only to be a better leader, but to be a better peer to the people around me. The people I met through SLH became my second family that will always be there for me. My freshman year wouldn't have been the same without the support I've gained from the setters leadership house!



  • Annual Setters Leadership Initiatives Core Retreat before the Fall semester begins with other students involved in university leadership initiatives
  • Workshops and discussions around leadership techniques and research
  • Service projects to serve campus and local community, including Pace Makes a Difference Day
  • Structured programming coordinated around leadership where students are able to meet to peers also interested in leadership
  • Enroll in University 102 Course - a One credit class on leadership and social justice