2012 Special Award Winners

Individual Awards:

Faculty Adviser


  • Janice Winch, Associate Professor, Management and Management Science, Lubin School of Business


  • Susan Maxam, University Director Student Academic Engagement, Center for Academic Excellence

Outstanding Contribution Award


  • Daniel Lenkowsky, Senior Admissions/Student Life Coordinator, ELI/Provost/EVP Academic Affairs


  • Anna Fishman, Administrative Director, Office of the Dean, School of Education

President’s Extra Mile Award for Customer Service


  • Frida Aminova, Sr. Programmer Analyst, Application Development Group, ITS


  • Heather Calchera, Director, Advising, Office of the Dean, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

President’s Award for Excellence in Leadership


  • Mark Stevens, University Director, Financial Aid


  • Rachel Carpenter, Director, Student Development and Campus Activities


University Faculty Award for Distinguished Service


  • Farrokh Hormozi, Professor, Public Administration, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences

STAR Award

  • Nancy Raffaele, Assistant Director, Online Communication, Office of the Dean, Dyson College of Arts and Sciences


Team Awards:

Outstanding Contribution Award
  School of Education - PLV

  • Donna DeAngelo, Staff Associate, School of Education
  • Marie DiSavino, Staff Associate, School of Education
  • Elizabeth Luongo, Staff Associate, School of Education

Outstanding Contribution Award 
  Student Affairs - NYC & PLV

  • Lisa Bardill-Moscaritolo, Dean for Student/PLV
  • Marijo Russell-O'Grady, Dean for Student/NYC

Distinguished Service Team
  Performing Arts - NYC

  • Jorge Cacheiro, Professor, Performing Arts
  • Luke Cantarella, Associate Professor, Performing Arts
  • Ion Chivu, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts
  • Lee Evans, Professor, Performing Arts
  • Christopher Jensen, Technical Director, Performing Arts
  • Grant Kretchik, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts
  • Gian Marco Lo Forte, Lecturer, Performing Arts
  • Robert Meffe, Assistant Professor, Performing Arts
  • Rhonda Miller, Lecturer, Performing Arts
  • Wayne Petro, Recruiting Coordinator, Performing Arts
  • Amy Rogers Schwartzreich, Associate Professor, Performing Arts
  • Jennifer Schwarting, Secretary, Performing Arts
  • Ruis Woertendyke, Associate Professor, Performing Arts

STAR Award
College of Health Professions - PLV

  • Elizabeth Berro, Clinical Instructor, College of Health Professions
  • Mary Beth Carpiniello, RN Skills Coordinator, College of Health Professions
  • Joanne Knoesel, Clinical Instructor, College of Health Professions
  • Sarah Pietrobono, PT Paraprofessional/ALPS, College of Health Professions
  • Rebecca-Sue Sciame, PT Paraprofessional/ALPS, College of Health Professions   


Diversity Award
  GLBTQA Services - NYC

  • Kelly Herbert, Assistant Director, GLBTQA Services, Student Affairs
  • Denarii Monroe, Graduate Assistant
  • Lauren Drake, Intern
  • Adam Mummery, Student Assistant
  • Ayana Nedd, Student Assistant
  • Leora Cohen-Rosenberg, Intern

YES Awards:

  • Annual Grand Prize Winner - NYC - James Curry, Executive Director, Office of Student Assistance
  • Annual Grand Prize Winner - Westchester - C. Winston Vera, Manager, Document Services, ITS
  • Student Textbook Scholarship -  Shannon Blankschen, Student Development and Campus Activities, Student Affairs