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Human Resources

Benefits Advisory

Established to advise Pace University administration on the ongoing review and update of the University's benefits programs, fringe and retirement plan benefits for all active employees, and retired and long-term disabled individuals. The Committee's role is to bring forth and address employees and University benefit issues and needs by actively participating in the advice of solutions and resulting recommendations. The Committee is the representative body by which faculty, staff and administrators participate in the development of changes to the University's benefit programs. The Committee is an important communication vehicle for our community. The Committee is challenged to view benefits as part of the University's total compensation program and in guiding the evaluation of the benefits programs to make sure they are competitive in the academic marketplace are financially effective and meet the majority needs of our employees.

The Benefits Advisory Committee currently chaired by the Vice President for Human Resources and University Director of Benefits meets at least four times during the academic year. At times, its work is accomplished through a subcommittee structure, smaller groups made up of representatives from the larger Committee, which are charged to research, investigate, and make formal reports/recommendations to the full Benefits Advisory Committee.

The Benefits Advisory Committee's membership is drawn from the various faculty and staff constituencies as follows:

Faculty Council Administrative/Staff Council
New York: 5 members New York: 3 members
Westchester: 5 members Pleasantville: 3 members
Law School: 1 member  

The Vice President for Human Resources will also supplement committee membership to ensure a demographically and organizationally diverse Committee, with up to seven members. In addition, incumbents holding the following positions are standing members of the Committee:

  • Provost
  • Associate Vice President for Human Resources
  • Associate Vice President for Finance
  • Asst Director, Human Resources

The authority of the Benefits Advisory Committee is limited to providing advice to the Associate Vice President for Human Resources and, ultimately, to the President of Pace University on major issues and initiatives in the area of benefits.