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Human Resources

Post Retirement Benefits

Pace University will provide certain benefits to eligible full time employees upon retirement. Your eligibility for benefits in retirement will vary dependent upon when you were hired full time at the University and when you retire as a qualified retiree from the University.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for post-retirement benefits, please contact the University Benefits Office.

Email, ID Card and Facilities

Your e-mail account with the University will continue; however, remote access (VPN) will not be available to you. In addition, remote access to library databases will not be available to retirees with limited exception; for more information please contact Steve Feyl at

In addition, you can continue to use your current University identification card to gain access to University facilities. Contact the Human Resources office if you wish to validate your ID annually to gain access to the facilities.

Retiree Facilty Access

Pace facilities are available for retiree use to keep you engaged in your professional endeavors and to maintain contact with the University. This includes campus libraries and shared space, subject to availability. Computers and printers are available for light use. When using Pace facilities, retirees must not remove any equipment, office supplies, or any other item belonging to the University. In addition, use of the copiers and mail services are prohibited.

Benefits Disclaimer