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Human Resources

Monthly Yes Award Winners

New York City - May

Nurys Nuesi, Dean’s College, Dyson College, New York City*

Recognized by Heather Calchera, Dean’s Office, Dyson College, Westchester/New York City:

I'd like to recognize the Dyson Advisors in NYC for consistently going above and beyond. Rather than shying away from additional responsibilities, they rise to the challenge and lead by example; They do whatever is necessary to keep our department functioning. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated team of professionals and I’m lucky to call them my colleagues and friends. They are special and unique, and I'm grateful for all they do!

*Nurys Nuesi was nominated along with Nicole Gilman, Kathryn Olsen and Seanna Wright by Heather Calchera. Nurys was the random monthly movie ticket winner.

Westchester - May

Alysse Estes, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Westchester

Recognized by Erna DuPuis, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Westchester:

Alysse Estes has created an atmosphere of civility in the department of Environmental Studies and Sciences. She treats everyone with respect and listens carefully to their concerns. Her comportment has created a model of civility for everyone in the department. Her modeling of civility has influenced how everyone in the department treats each other.