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Monthly YES Winners


New York City - September

Michelle Atiemo, Special Events, New York City*

Recognized by Michelle Rivas, Graduate Academic Advisement & Student Development, New York City & Jaclyn Kopel, Honors Program, New York City

Since I started working in the Office of Graduate Academic Advisement and Student Development in January, Michelle Atiemo has been one of the main event coordinators appointed to my event submissions. Michelle is always friendly, professional, easily accessible, accountable and highly proactive. Yesterday our office coordinated and hosted a New Club Leaders Training in the Bianco Room. The setup was not what I envisioned. Michelle and Al from Buildings & Grounds jumped in right away to resolve. (Michelle Rivas)

Maggie, Topher, and Michelle consistently work hard to make our events a success. They are proactive and reach out to me before events to make sure all my requests have been addressed. They recently helped make our Ice Cream Social a huge success. We had 221 students attend and everything went smoothly. Additionally, we had a last minute guest speaker who came from out of town and they worked to make it all happen with little notice. They always make sure our needs are addressed and get back to me right away. Even when things out of their control go wrong they remain professional. (Jaclyn Kopel)

*Michelle was nominated along with Christopher Cherestal and Maggie Leung Marino with the above nomination. Michelle was the random monthly movie ticket winner.

Westchester - September

Matt Renna, Human Resources, Westchester*

Recognized by Alerie Tirsch, Residential Life, Westchester

The move in process was so smooth this year thanks to the help of volunteers like you. Your willingness to give up your personal time to help welcome and transition our new students and families to campus was so greatly appreciated. We received so much positive feedback that our volunteers had wonderful attitudes and were all so helpful. Many family members commented that our volunteers made them feel at ease in a time when they were feeling anxious about this transition. Your smiling faces and dedication to the Pace Community shined brightly on Opening day! Thanks for always being there and offering a helping hand and helping us "Make it Happen".
*Matt Renna was nominated along with Cathleen Raynis-Meeker, Alyssa Caffarelli, Sarah Burns-Feyl, Arlene Bocskocsky, Kim Hrotko, Sasha-Gay Scott, Abigail Smith, Victoria Valdes, Joanna Verlezza, Shaun Livingston, Mary Lieto, Erin Doolin, Rosa Ament, and Steven Feyl by Alerie Tirsch, Sue Maxam and Rachel Carpenter. Matt was the random monthly movie ticket winner.