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Monthly Yes Award Winners

New York City - September

Alberto Mastrotto, Danielle Ran, Natasha Vandewetering and Seth Dodier, Division of Student Success, NYC

Recognized by Sue Maxam, Division of Student Success, PLV & NYC

If I could dream up the four most ideal Student Success Interns ever, it would be Danielle, Alberto, Natasha and Seth! These four students dedicated their entire summer to coordinating initiatives that would help build a foundation for increased student satisfaction, engagement, success and ultimately retention on the NYC campus. Because of their drive, creativity, collaborative efforts, ideas, follow-through, organizational skills, commitment, and unbridled enthusiasm, they were able to exceed all expectations and accomplish so much more than we had ever imagined! This has been my favorite summer in the nearly 28 years I have worked at Pace because of the joy, productivity and passion this team (our “Fab Four”) has brought to our division and Pace!! I am deeply grateful for, and inspired by, each of them!!

Westchester - September

Donna Schilio, Help Desk, BRC

Recognized by Melissa Schilio, Criminal Justice and Security, PLV

Donna is always there to help and is efficient in anything I ask help in. Great team member and always shows an eagerness to get things done quickly and is friendly anytime I communicate.