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Human Resources

Employee Service Awards

Service Awards are given to employees who have completed 5 to 50 years of service in 5 year increments. Please view the service award honorees listed in the menu on the right. Please Note: Beginning in 2011, milestone anniversaries are based on original date of hire for Employee Recognition purposes only.

Monthly Employee Service Honorees


5 Years of Service
Brian Anderson
Akissi Britton
Melissa Curinga-DeLuca
Lauren Dennis
Alfredo Dumalsen
Carole Erdman
Kathryn Gutowski
Julie Lawrence-Edsell
Laurie Meehan
Vito Palmeri
Jessica Reed

10 Years of Service
Jean Covino
Nancy Delgado
Peter Gorman
Thomas Lalla
Brian Peterson
Lesa Rader
Chrystyna Stone
Yolanda Taveras

15 Years of Service
Jessica Bacher
Anthony Centone
Nicola Foster
Paul Griffin
Shumei Han
Sophie Kaufman
Steven Mezzio
Vikki Rogers
Bernice Tracey
Ama Wattley

20 Years of Service
Linda Longobucco
Nancie Taylor

25 Years of Service
James Castagna
Patricia Carolan

30 Years of Service
Ronald Filante
Antonio Soares

35 Years of Service
Karen Watkis


5 Years of Service
Joan Gaylord
Anu George
Kareem Henry
Evan Hoberman
Terry Lin

10 Years of Service
Kellynn Anastasi
Aleksey Ikhelson
Rosemary Mulry

15 Years of Service
Gregory Chartier
Julianne Hoepker
John Leonard
Desiree Sharperson

20 Years of Service
Janice Hilbrink
Gail Weldon
Joy Beane

30 Years of Service
Loretta Musial
Mary O’Connor
K. Mark Sossin

35 Years of Service
Claudia Stabile
Donna Scarano

40 Years of Service
Daniel Farkas
Beth Hart
John Humbach