This month's YES Award Winners



Robert Yarbrough,
University Counsel - NYC

Recognized by Clarissa Cylich, School of Education/PLV: 

Robert is a fabulous means of support regarding legal issues. He takes the time to explain the complexities of certain topics. He makes himself available for follow-up discussions with key players in timely fashion. He recognizes the importance of quick turn around on some contracts. He is a true asset and we value his expertise.

Allyson King, Office of Student Success - Westchester

Recognized by Susan Maxam, Division of Student Success/PLV:

I have had the pleasure of working with Allyson over the past decade and can say without hesitation that she is one of the most student-centered, proactive, diligent, competent, caring, and dedicated persons I have ever known! In fact, I would describe Allyson as one of Pace’s unsung heroes. A humble, behind the scenes leader, she is a highly organized and incredibly motivated person who always “gets the job done.” She continually goes well above and beyond the call of duty to not only carry out her own responsibilities, but to support and assist her colleagues as well. This year, for instance, she was indispensable in planning and implementing the successful Undergraduate Student-Faculty Research Program, a monumental responsibility she voluntarily undertook! Allyson is a true gem – a “can-do,” service-oriented person who eagerly gets involved with initiatives relating to student advising, success, and satisfaction.