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Human Resources

Executive Onboarding: Pace University Organization


To be among the best universities in the United States focused on educating for, and preparing students for graduate study in, a broad range of professions.


To offer undergraduate and graduate education for a broad range of professions, while providing a strong foundation of liberal learning, thereby giving a highly diverse population of students the opportunity to lift their lives and prospects. Our objective is to create thinking professionals who are highly sought after as innovators and successful leaders, and who will positively impact twenty-first century society.


In pursuing its vision and mission, the following values will guide Pace’s specific goals and activities:

  • Excellence and continuous innovation – in teaching, scholarship, professional preparation, service, and institutional management.
  • Independent thinking – in individual, collaborative and interdisciplinary learning, research and scholarship.
  • Diversity – in gender and in socioeconomic, racial/ethnic, national, and religious backgrounds and traditions.
  • Professionalism – in the standards of knowledge, preparation, presentation, and ability to learn that are expected of Pace students.
  • The highest standards – of truth, ethical behavior, and academic freedom in every aspect of the University’s life and actions.

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