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Graduate Assistant Hiring Process

Click on the link to view a FLOWCHART of the Graduate Assistantship hiring process.

If you have never had a Graduate Assistant (GA) in your department before, the first step is to speak to your area Budget Rep, Chair, Dean or VP about whether or not there are funds in the budget for Graduate Assistantships. If not, the funds must be requested from the Provost's Office during your department's annual budget development process. Your Budget Rep can explain the process of requesting these funds.

The amount of money allotted in the budget will determine the type (full or part time) and number of GA's your department will seek. See below:

  • FULL TIME (fall, spring): 300 total hours; 15 weeks; 20 hours per week; tuition remission credit range 6-12; required enrollment 6 credits; stipend $3,300
  • FULL TIME (summer): 120 total hours; 6 weeks; 20 hours per week; tuition remission 3 credits; required enrollment 3 credits; stipend $1,320
  • PART TIME (fall, spring): 150 total hours; 15 weeks; 10 hours per week; tuition remission 3-6 credits; required enrollment 3 credits; stipend $1,650
  • PART TIME (summer): 60 total hours; 6 weeks; 10 hours per week; tuition remission 1.5 credits; required enrollment 1.5 credits; stipend $660

After the funds are confirmed and allotted, you should compose a very EXPLICIT and DETAILED description of the specific characteristics and skills you would want your GA to possess.

Human Resources does not assist with the recruitment process; this is the hiring manager's/department's responsibility. The common recruiting practice is as follows: the hiring manager seeking a GA contacts the school/college/department which they wish their GA to be a part of, or have their degree in. For example, if you are looking for a GA with Computer Science or Information Systems/Technology training, you will want to check with the Seidenberg School. If you'd like a GA who is currently studying communications, contact the Communication Studies department chair in Dyson. The GA must submit an application or resume for your department to review. Graduate Assistantship applications can be found in the Graduate School Application Booklet for the specific school to which the student is applying for an assistantship. A student who has already completed an assistantship within your department does not need to reapply.

The department looking for the GA reviews the applications and makes the interview selections. Financial Aid and HR do not have any part in this process. After you have interviewed and selected the final candidate, the hiring manager and the GA must fill out the Graduate Assistantship Agreement together. A student who has already had an assistantship within your department must renew this agreement contract every semester.

The agreement must be signed by both parties and then be submitted to Adriana Pace in the Financial Aid department - Phone: (914) 422-4050; Fax: (914) 422-4175.

Once Financial Aid has verified the student's eligibility, they will sign the agreement and forward it to Human Resources for final processing.

The GA must report to their campus Human Resources Office to fill out new hire paperwork. Making an appointment is recommended. In addition, certain materials will be required when filling out new hire paperwork, including a Passport, OR Social Security Card and Driver's License. See below for Human Resources Office locations and hours. Please note: the GA's stipend payment will be delayed if this necessary step is not fully completed.

  • Westchester Campus: Human Resources Office is located at 100 Summit Lake Drive, 3rd Floor, Valhalla, NY, and is open from 9am-5pm. (914) 923-2730.
  • New York Campus: Human Resources Office is located on the 110 William Street, 11th Floor, and is open from 9am-5pm. (212) 346-1630.

Hiring managers should confirm with University Staffing & Recruitment that the new hire paperwork has been received and processed prior to the GA's first day of work.

*NOTE: Some of the above criteria are subject to change depending upon the school with which the GA is associated. Please contact the specific school (Dyson, Lienhard, Lubin, School of Education and Seidenberg) to determine if there are differences in GPA requirements or Full-time/Part-time status.