Monthly YES Award Winners






~ March ~


Adelia William-Lubitz, Associate Provost,  New York
Recognized by Theresa Frey, International Programs

As long as I have known Adelia, I have known she is remarkable. Today, I know she is even more.  Adelia is the ultimate teacher, she stands with courage, with virtue, she does not back down in the face of fear, sometimes she stands alone, but she stands none the less. Adelia, thank you for standing!

Jermain Smith, School of Education, Westchester
Recognized by:

Gerald Ardito, School of Education, NYC: Jermain has dedicated himself to serving the faculty, staff, and students of the School of Education.  His work is necessary and exemplary.

Nancy Campoverde, School of Education, NYC: Jermain goes above and beyond to assist students with any issues they are experiencing here at Pace. Though he is the Director of Technology, he does not stay within his realm of services. If the student has an issue with their bill or financial aid, he calls OSA and finds someone to help resolve the student's issue. If the student has problems with their course, he will put the student in touch with their advisor or director of student services. And when a student needs advice on purchasing software or computers, he finds the student the best option. Jermain is invaluable to Pace.

Peter McDermott, School of Education, NYC: Jermain is highly skilled and knowledgeable. He interacts comfortably with everyone, and he has a friendly and pleasant personality. Everyone like Jermaine and he is excellent at his work.

Sarah Nandlal, School of Education, NYC: Jermain Smith should be nominated for the YES award for his service at Pace University, for 15 years and continuing service to serving all: faculty, adjuncts, staff, deans, administrative staff, undergraduate students, graduate students. He needs to be nominated because he does NOT turn anyone turn and always lend a helping hand; even over the phone, he will talk you thru the phone and show up the process step-by-step. He needs to be nominated for his diligent, continuing services and never turning anyone away.

Karen Pilot, iPace: As Clinical Supervisor for the Fellows Program and Student Teaching Program Mr. Smith has always been supportive with all technical situations. He dedication to our departments has been seamless as well as his expertise sets apart from many employers and employers. His selection would be perfect.

Julie Saccoccio, School of Education, NYC: Recognition for 15 years and continuing services at Pace. Jermain provides outstanding services to ALL and always goes the extra mile. He has an amazing and positive attitude and never turns away a co-worker.