Monthly YES Award Winners









~ August ~


Jonathan Forte, Derrick Jones and Diane Lewis, Copy Center - NYC (Team)

Recognized by Ashley Kuenneke, Center for Community Action and Research, NYC

The entire Copy Center staff are always incredibly helpful, not to mention that they are very nice and pleasant people who are great to work with. Even when I have had to submit 10 complicated print requests in one day, as I very recently did, they were able to finish all of my requests quickly and make the entire process so much easier and less stressful than it easily could have been. Many, many thanks to Derrick, Diane, and Jonathan for the excellent work they do for our office and the Pace community!

Erik Jantzen (IT) and John Rude, (Library) - Westchester (Team)

Recognized by Laurie Witham, IT, Westchester

John and Erik both put a tremendous amount of effort into getting a critical Library system back online.  They dedicated extra hours during the evening and weekend to ensure the issue was handled and a stable system was brought online as quickly as possible.  Their excellent teamwork and dedication to the University should be recognized.