Monthly YES Award Winners









~ June ~




Denise Santiago, Multicultural Affairs Office - NYC

Recognized by Susan Donahue, Human Resources, Briarcliff

Thank you so much for your participation as a presenter in the University-Wide Staff Development Day. We could not do it without your involvement! I have had great feedback about all the programs, and I cannot thank you enough for all your work in developing and presenting a quality program.


Kay Longworth and Sunny Hlewicki, Law School - Westchester

Recognized by Lucie Olejnikova and Cynthia Pittson, Law Library, White Plains

Thank you Sunny and Kay for all the excellent work you have done to bring our annual BBQ picnic to a success. Although a lot of people pitched in, it would have not been possible without the two of you. What an awesome afternoon. Thank you!

Sunny and Kay deserve recognition for the fabulous job they did in organizing the staff picnic on the Law School campus today. Many others helped to make the picnic a success, but it would not have been possible without the organizational skills of Sunny and Kay. Thank you!