Monthly YES Award Winners






~ November ~


Amma Boakye, BS Nurse Education, College of Health Professions, NYC

Recognized by Stacie Cignarale and Harriet Feldman, Office of the Dean, College of Health Professions, PLV

Cudos to you, Amma, for always understanding the critical nature of recruiting and working so hard to bring in our ABSN class for Jan in PLV and Fall in NYC. Your energy and positive attitude, not to mention your tireless effort to leaving no stone unturned, is the key in this success.

Amma, You consistently do an outstanding job on behalf of our students and faculty. Bringing in class after class is an incredible feat! Thank you!

Charles Hessler, Planning/Assessment/Research, Provost/EVP Academic Affairs, BRC


Recognized by Joanne DeMarco, Office of the Dean, College of Health Professions, PLV

Charles had done an outstanding job or providing us with a large amount of data needed for our annual AACN survey. He’s a pleasure to work with and provides us with accurate data very quickly-while being kind and offering support! Thank you Charles-I appreciate your hard work!