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PMDP & Goal Setting

Good, effective performance management is a key element in the morale and retention of our best people and a key responsibility for managers. The Performance Management Development Process (PMDP) is designed to help managers maximize the performance of their staff.

Pace's PMDP provides the foundation for Pace staff to establish clear performance expectations; establish accountability and measures for behavior and results; drive performance improvement and excellence through ongoing performance discussions and feedback; and recognize and reward contributions by linking rewards to performance.

Accessing the PMDP System: (Click here to go directly to the PMDP system, or follow instructions below via Portal.)

      1. Log into My Pace Portal
      2. Navigate to the Staff Tab
      3. In the Employee Self-Service section, select Performance Management and Development Process

PMDP and Goal Setting Guides:

Click here to access the Goal Setting Online Tutorial as well as the Performance Management and Development Process (PMDP) and Goal Setting Guide.