I Like Working at Pace Because..



"...Pace challenges me as a professional.   Being challenged allows me to explore solutions and methodologies that have enriched my career as well as my personal  life.   Additionally, Pace has one of the best time off policies – vacation leave, personal leave, and holiday!"

Shuana Thompson

Director, Financial Information Systems

September 2001 - Present





“...I get to work with great people, I enjoy creating an exciting atmosphere for our students and representing the school as a proud alumnus.”

Zach Dayton

Assistant Athletic Director, External Operations

April 2008- Present


“...it supports an environment of continuous learning, not only for students, but for staff as well. Although my title is “Administrative Assistant” I have gained valuable learning experiences that someone in this role would not necessarily receive. I have been given the opportunity to explore areas within Human Resources that fall outside of my day to day tasks. In the 6 months that I have held this position, I have been exposed to employee recognition planning and development, benefits strategizing, recruitment processes and organizational learning trainings and conference planning. I work at Pace because I know they truly value the work of their employees and take the time to invest in their future.”

Meghan O’Mara

Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Human Resources

January 2013 – Present


“...as a former student, I feel like I have been given the opportunity to grow and learn at this institution. I enjoy working with a great group of hardworking individuals that possess a strong sense of team work.  That is something I really enjoy and am grateful for.  I find there is a lot of flexibility to try new ideas and figure out creative ways to enhance the user experience.”

Shikha Bajracharya

Director of User Services

September 1996 - Present