Web Form Services and Phishing

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There are many ways phishing scams can trick users into divulging private user information.  One way is using forms hosted by online web services to collect user passwords and other account information.  To address this threat, Pace University will be adding a warning to the beginning of all e-mail messages containing URLs from identified web form hosting sites starting July 29th.  We strongly recommend that users take extra precaution before replying, clicking, or sending information to these identified web forms. The warning note to be added reads as follows:

Warning from the Pace University Email System:  This email contains a link to a web hosting service that has sometimes been abused by “phishers” trying to get people to disclose personal information.  If the link in this email directs you to a form to enter personal information or your Pace University UserID and Password, you are advised to not enter the requested information and delete the email.  For questions, contact the ITS Help Desk at (914) 773-3333 or online at http://help.pace.edu.  Please see http://www.pace.edu/phishing to learn more about Phishing.

Below is a list of known web form hosting services.

Web Form Hosting Sites
*.i-m.com and i-m.mx