February 2012 Newsflash

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Welcome Back!

ITS is excited for the 2012 year and wish you luck on getting started for Spring Semester!

Read about any changes or what’s new in technology and ITS!

Wireless Connectivity at Pace University Sessions

ITS will be holding two sessions for students on the wireless network on our campuses.  Join us and see how the wireless network is set up for Pace and learn about the myths of wireless connectivity along with some helpful troubleshooting techniques!
Dates and Locations:

  • NY: Tuesday, January 31st  – 1:30PM-3:00PM – Student Union
  • PLV: Thursday, February 2nd – 1:30PM-3:00PM – Butcher Suite
  • *Light snacks will be available.

Spring 2012 iPad Meetings

We would like to invite all interested faculty, staff and students to attend the Pace University iPad meetings during the spring 2012 semester. The meetings will be held via video conference on the Pleasantville and New York City campuses. If you are interested in sharing your iPad projects and discoveries with the group, please feel free to contact Dr. Beth Gordon Klingner (bklingner@pace.edu) or Dr. Martina Blackwood (mblackwood@pace.edu). Visit the Pace University iPad Blog to get all of the latest iPad information and for the Spring 2012 schedule, click the following link: iPad meeting schedule.


The ePortfolio team invites students to grab a slice of pizza and learn what the ePortfolio buzz is all about! ePortfolio eTerns and staff members will be on hand to review the basics, showcase the latest ePortfolio tips and tricks, and help students begin building their own ePortfolios.

  • PLV: Wednesday, February 15th – 12:20PM-1:15PM – Kessel Conference Rooms A&B
  • NY: Wednesday, February 23rd – 12:20PM-1:15PM – Civic W628

Save the Date! Pace Tech Expo – March 28th, 2012 in PLV

Last year ITS held our first ever Pace Tech Expo on the New York Campus at 1 Pace Plaza.  This year we are looking forward to another great event on the Pleasantville campus!  Please mark your calendars for Wednesday, March 28th!  For more information, visit http://www.pace.edu/techexpo.

MyPace Portal Enhancements

We are excited to announce the new MyPace Portal that has been enhanced on both the login screen and the main landing pages once you have logged in. This is a Phase I enhancement of the Portal. We have made several improvements including:

  • New look and modern Pace information;
  • Easy to navigate links to Blackboard, Email for all users;
  • New channel (window containers in the Portal) for Popular System Links, for easy navigation;
  • Retained all pertinent info, channels & content-all key links remain the same and any broken links have been fixed;
  • Easy ability to perform personalized Portal channel selection and de-selection, for example -- click X to remove channels, and go to Content Layout to Add channels to your MyPace Portal!

This is Phase I and we are going to continue working on channel content fixes and enhancements throughout the Spring semester...stay tuned for future updates!
For more information about this topic, please visit MyPace Portal Enhancement news page.

Mahara User Group (MUG)

Several members of the Pace community participated in the Mahara User Group (MUG)’s virtual meeting  on January 18th, with featured speaker Kristina Hoeppner, e-Learning Specialist at Catalyst (the major developer for Mahara, Pace’s ePortfolio software), who gave a sneak peak on what to expect in Mahara 1.5. Hoeppner estimates that Mahara 1.5, which so far includes 78 new features, will be available within the first six months of 2012. Ellen Marie Murphy, Director of Online Curriculum at Empire State College presented a handful of Mahara plug-ins which allows users to embed outside content on their ePortfolios, such as mind maps, learning types, and elements from their Linked-In profile. To join MUG on Facebook, click here: Join MUG.

Barnes & Noble Book Scholarship Opportunity

This past January, ITS was able to launch the Barnes & Noble Book Scholarship form which allowed students to apply for book scholarships based on need. The scholarship is intended to assist undergraduate students with paying for textbooks.  There are specific criteria and timelines that apply for this scholarship.  For more details, please click the following link and scroll to the bottom of the page: Barnes & Noble Book Scholarship Opportunity

Piloting New Method of Reporting IT Equipment Issues from the Classroom in PLV

The Educational Media office in PLV is piloting a new avenue for instructors to report IT equipment issues and or suggestions regarding software requests/ feedback messages straight from their classroom locations.  Each regularly used classroom will have a new file labeled Suggestions/Issues on their desktops.  Instructors can click on this file and fill out the form to report any issues or suggestions they may have regarding the equipment used in the classroom.  The Ed Media staff will use this information to provide a speedy response and can address problems right away.  It is important when filling out this form to be as descriptive and thorough as possible. 

Advanced Video Editing Station Now Available

The Educational Media office in PLV is now offering services for those who wish to have videos edited from any campus.  Ed Media staff will work with you to make whatever type of edits for videos you shoot for Pace University-related course material or a Pace-authorized organizational event.  For more information and details of the service, please send e-mail to George Chacko (gchacko@pace.edu). Please note: Services are subject to copyright laws. In addition, certain fees may apply.

Utilizing Your Technology Fee: Form Submission Updated

Pace University assesses a Technology Fee to ensure students have access to the latest instructional technology resources available.  All revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives that are focused on enhancing the student learning experience.  A committee comprised of students and staff will vote to determine which discretionary initiatives receive funding each year, with annual reports to be provided to the Pace community.  The newly redesigned form to propose a technology initiative or vote on an existing proposal, can be found here: Submit a Proposal or Vote. Your input and feedback is critical in ensuring we are meeting the technology needs of all Pace students. For more information visit the Student Technology Fee page at www.pace.edu/stf.

NY Pforzheimer Honors College Website Update

ITS has recently worked with assisting the NY Pforzheimer Honors College on updating their site with the latest forms, staff information, new announcements, and much more.  You can take a look by clicking on the following link: NY Pforzheimer Honors College Website.

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Sign Up for the PaceAlert Emergency Notification System

Please remember to enroll in or update your PaceAlert information to make sure you get the latest emergency notifications either through your e-mail or phone!  To sign up, please go to: http://alert.pace.edu.   For more information or questions on the PaceAlert Emergency Notification System, please click on the following link: PaceAlert FAQ

Pace University Mobile Page

ITS offers an easy-to-use mobile web page for final exams, room assignments, and bus schedules that can be accessed on mobile devices that have internet capability. To access the Bus Schedule, Room Assignments,  and/or Final Exam Schedule mobile web page from your phone, please go to http://m.pace.edu.  Please Note: This utility is a work in progress which is subject to upgrades as we receive user feedback and additional data.

Guest Wireless Account for Pace Visitors

ITS offers a self-service system for Pace Students, faculty, and staff to generate wireless/wired network guest accounts for individuals who are visiting Pace University for a limited time.  A Pace sponsor can either request a new account, or make changes to accounts that have already been requested. For more information click here or from Account Services on the ITS Homepage, select Guest Accounts/Request an Account (standard guest accounts expire after 7 days).  Please note: Faculty and staff can also use the self-service system to create multiple/bulk guest accounts as well as obtain additional IT services (i.e. Blackboard, e-mail, Banner, etc.).  Also, for security purposes, users must close out of all open browsers to complete the sign out process.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App

If you haven’t heard BlackBoard Mobile Learn App is here for the following devices on all cellular carriers such as the Android,Blackberry, iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), and Palm.
For more details, please check out April 2011’s ITS Newsflash: Blackboard Mobile Details.