Welcome Back! IT 2012 Updates

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Message from the CIO – Thomas Hull
I want to thank the Pace community and the ITS staff for making my first year at Pace feel so good.  I am very happy that I came to Pace, and am grateful to the leadership as well as my staff for their extra efforts to enhance our technology offerings and quality service to the University.  We are very excited about our strategy and our “consulting services and support” in technology for students, faculty and staff here at Pace University.  As a reminder, we are the Division of Information Technology Services (ITS) and we handle all of the computers and systems at the University.  Below we have outlined some “highlight” areas of recent enhancements and services that are available to everyone.  Our goal is to have the best technology services of any university and if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.                                                                            

We can conveniently be reached by the following:

Phone: 3-3333 or (914)773-3333 and (914)773-3648 [Toll Free: 1-855-PACEITS (1-855-722-3487)]
E-mail: pacehelpdesk@pace.edu
Online: http://help.pace.edu

ITS Help Desk extended hours for Move-in weekend and the first two weeks of September can be found at www.pace.edu/extendedhours.  (For 2012-2013 Calendar year hours visit: http://www.pace.edu/itshelpdeskhours.)

For more ITS details, please visit our website: http://www.pace.edu/its.    

Classroom/Lecture Halls
Technology upgrades include 10 new Smartboards classrooms. The Educational Media team installed the UB-T880W Panaboard a revolutionary multi-touch interactive whiteboard with a durable surface. Unlike other systems currently available on the market, this surface will remain particularly durable across a long period of time.  This new tool will allow Pace students and faculty to work with the latest technology solutions for a richer learning experience. Check out this video for a demonstration of the Panaboard.

In addition to installing new Panaboards, the ITS team worked on other enhancement projects across all campuses. On the White Plains campus, 15 rooms have new Crestron control button panels. The Midtown campus, home of the M.S. in Publishing Program, received re-organized Audio Visual stations. The Center also received a furniture upgrade: Student chairs are now larger and more conformable, and one classroom will be used to test out new, orange-colored seating.  In addition, classrooms are now equipped with a new teachers' station consisting of a table and podium with storage space below.

ePortfolio Gets a Face Lift
This summer, ePortfolio upgraded to the latest Mahara software. This new version will be faster, more customizable and easier to navigate.

Many professors and students have requested the ability to create their own pages and design multiple portfolios for various audiences. With this new version, they can! Mahara 1.5 allows users to create their own pages, build various portfolios called “collections,” and copy pages from one collection to another. Users can also set permissions for multiple pages at a time.

When the University transitions the current ePortfolio system to Mahara 1.5, all user content will remain intact.

Academic Technology is working to update tutorials for the new ePortfolio system and will upload them to www.pace.edu/eportfolio.

Questions? Contact eportfolio@pace.edu

Personal WebSpace (http://webpage.pace.edu) Modifications 
Starting Tuesday, September 4th, Personal Webspace pages have been modified to require a FTPS connection (FTP over SSL) so that encryption is now available on content housed within your personal webspace sites.  This was completed in our efforts to enhance security.  These changes will affect all users with personal and organizational webspace accounts located at webpage.pace.edu. 

For Individuals with personal webpage accounts:

All personal sites currently located at webpage.pace.edu will be migrated and will now require a FTPS connection in order to update and modify files for the respective sites.

For Organizations with personal webpage accounts:

All club or organizations will be using OrgSync to house their web content.  Please contact Student Development and Campus Activities at (914) 773-3863 for details.  Any organization requiring access to old content files from the prior location will need to place a help desk ticket request at http://help.pace.edu and ITS with work with you to retrieve and migrate old content.

For more information, please visit the Pace University Webspace page at http://webpage.pace.edu.

Pace Mobile App (Beta)
Pace Information Technology Services (ITS) is proud to offer our Pace Mobile application for testing to students, faculty, and staff. Over the past few months ITS has been creating and implementing a Phase I build of our Pace Mobile App. Our current application offers a variety of modules such as feeds for Videos, News, Images, and links for University Contacts and our m.pace.edu page.  For more information visit the following site: Pace Mobile App (Beta).

Printing Updates in the Computer Resource Centers (CRCs) and Libraries
For many of our returning students, you may notice that we have new printers in all the general area locations for the Computer Resources Centers and Libraries.  These robust printers have a new look and feel, but the process for printing remains the same. 

Important Note: All students using Window-based computer who have downloaded the Printer Client in the past will need to download the updated client file.  For instructions, please click on the following link: Print Client Download.  (Please note: Mac users will not need to make any changes.)

OSA Paperless Initiative
OSA and ITS have worked together to convert several of OSA paper-based forms into a paperless form.  The list of converted forms are: Audit Application, Re-compute Grade Point Average Application Meningitis Compliance, Certificate Application, Alumni Audit Application, Letter Request, Immunization Record Request, Request for Course to be Graded as Pass/Fail, Maintaining Matriculation, Change of home Campus, and Classroom Resource Preference.

Wireless Connectivity at Pace University Sessions
ITS will be holding two sessions for students on the wireless network on our campuses.  Join us and see how the wireless network is set up for Pace and learn about the myths of wireless connectivity along with some helpful troubleshooting techniques!

Dates and Locations:

  • NY: Wednesday, September 12th – 12:20PM-1:15PM – Lecture Hall North
  • PLV: Wednesday, September 19th –12:20PM-1:15PM – Lienhard Lecture Hall

*Light snacks will be available.

Utilizing Your Technology Fee
Pace University assesses a Technology Fee to ensure students have access to the latest instructional technology resources available.  All revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives that are focused on enhancing the student learning experience.  A committee comprised of students and staff will vote to determine which discretionary initiatives receive funding each year, with annual reports to be provided to the Pace community.  ITS has worked on some form modifications for the Student Technology Fee submissions. 

To propose a technology initiative or vote on an existing proposal, please click on the following link: Submit a Proposal or Vote. Your input and feedback is critical in ensuring we are meeting the technology needs of all Pace students.

For more information visit the Student Technology Fee page at www.pace.edu/stf.

Schedule Explorer Update
The Schedule Explorer system allows for Pace students to prepare for registration by exploring course offerings easily and collecting courses that may be of interest to them.  This past year ITS was able to create a drop down that allowed for multiple selections in the Attributes field.  The site can be found in the OSA channel of the Students tab in your Portal account (http://portal.pace.edu). 

Fall 2012 iPad Users Group Meeting
If you are interested in exploring the potential of your iPad, please join us for another semester of exciting and informative iPad meetings. Participate in discussions with your colleagues, application vendors, and other invited guests who have identified successful strategies for enhancing the academic experience through the iPad.

For your convenience the meetings will be held via video conference on both the New York City and Pleasantville campuses.(Location: Miller 16 in Pleasantville and room E 319 in New York City)

  • Tues, Sept 18, 3:30-4:30pm
  • Tues, Oct 23, 3:30-4:30pm
  • Wed, Nov 28, 12:20-1:20pm
  • Tues, Dec 18, 3:30-4:30pm

You can keep up with the latest iPad news by following the Pace University iPad blog.

Video Streaming Development
The streaming of videos have been improved to run off a newly established server.  ITS will be working to integrate the system throughout the Fall semester.

Teaching Circles
Faculty can register now for the upcoming Fall 2012 ePortfolio Teaching Circles in NYC and PLV to learn about effective ways to incorporate ePortfolios into teaching and learning.  For more details, click on the following link: Teaching Circle.  You can also contact Sam Egan at segan@pace.edu for more information. 

Digital Measures
ITS in collaboration with the schools have been populating a new online system that allows faculty to update their profiles and review career history: courses taught, papers authored/presented, credentials, etc.  Currently the Lubin School of Business, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Dyson College of Arts and Science, and the College of Health Professions have all been added to this new system.  School of Education will be completed shortly.

System Upgrades
The end of the Spring semester and over the course of the summer there were a good portion of upgrades made to various systems throughout the university.  Some to note are:


An upgrade to the system contained some extra features, in addition to a slightly new look.  However, all functionality (tools and features) from the current version will remain the same.  To read more about this upgrade, please click on the following link: Blackboard to Get a Facelift in May.

Web Help Desk:

In addition to resolving some prior speed issues, the upgrade also contained some new features and improvements such as:

For Clients (Users):

  • Minor Client interface modifications, however, all current functionalities will remain the same

For Technicians:

  • Dashboard customized views for reporting and status
  • Ability to switch between Tech and Client interfaces
  • Ability to flag tickets
  • Embedding YouTube videos in FAQ knowledge base
  • Color coding options for Techs and Tech groups

Note: Areas that have certain workflows will now have the ability to set up Action Rules.

In addition, some new areas recently added to the system are Auxliary Services, NY Honors College and School of Education.

Other updates to systems such as Banner, Employee Self Service, Sharepoint servers, Microsoft Exchange, Wordpress, R25, and more were also conducted in the recent months.

To see various projects ITS has worked on over the course of last year and this year view our Tactical Plan!  We look forward to a great semester!

In Dyson News - Web2.0 Interdisciplinary Informatics Institute
Web2.0 Interdisciplinary Informatics Institute (WebIII) is a 2012 THINKFINITY INITITAIVE-supported project that will establish a virtual research institute at Pace University for the study of the evolving rules and norms guiding Web 2.0 technologies (e.g., video chatting, social media and instant messaging) in professional and civic contexts.  The awardees’, Drs. Hillary Knepper (Public Administration) and Christopher John Godfrey (Psychology), goal is to inform this evolving area through emerging practice and performance research for education professionals, students, mental health clinicians and public policy makers who are employing these technologies.  

Web III started in January 2012 and is rapidly growing. Nine students and three faculty members are currently working on the project.  Pace’s ITS staff are helping Web III team build the virtual institute that will launch in November 2012. The virtual institute will present the team’s preliminary results from a study of Web2.0 use by public administration, mental health and university professionals as well as serving as a hub for Web 2.0 related research and discussion. WebIII will hold its inaugural conference in the Fall. All are invited to attend. The proceeding will be posted on the virtual site.


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Sign Up for the PaceAlert Emergency Notification System!
Please remember to enroll in or update your PaceAlert information to make sure you get the latest emergency notifications either through your e-mail or phone!  To sign up, please go to: http://alert.pace.edu.   For more information or questions on the PaceAlert Emergency Notification System, please click on the following link: PaceAlert FAQ.

Spam Do’s and Don’ts
Please be aware that spam e-mail may periodically end up in your mailbox. These types of messages may try to disguise themselves as authentic emails, by spoofing “From” addresses from people we know or known companies. They will ask you send them personal informational because something might be wrong with your account, such as exceeded storage or insufficient information. Some messages might also ask you to help various causes by donating money or sending banking information.

It is important that you DO NOT respond to the request in the e-mail as they are spam. In addition, for any suspicious e-mail messages, do not click on any of the links, attachments, or respond with any type of personal information.

To keep your information safe, never share your account information and/or passwords with anyone. ITS or Pace University will never ask for your personal information through e-mail nor will any other legitimate sources.

For more information on Spam Do’s and Don’ts, please click here: Spam Do’s and Don’ts.

Blackboard Mobile Learn App
If you haven’t heard BlackBoard Mobile Learn App is here for the following devices on all cellular carriers such as the Android,Blackberry, iDevices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), and PalmFor more details, please check out April 2011’s ITS Newsflash: Blackboard Mobile Details.

Pace University Mobile Page
ITS offers an easy-to-use mobile web page for final exams, room assignments, and bus schedules that can be accessed on mobile devices that have internet capability. To access the Final Exam Schedule , Room Assignments, and/or Bus Schedule mobile web page from your phone, please go to http://m.pace.eduPlease Note: This utility is a work in progress which is subject to upgrades as we receive user feedback and additional data.

Wireless: Auto-configuration for Pace_Secure using Pace_Connect
Configuring your device for Pace_Secure has been made simple! ITS has made XpressConnect by Cloudpath available to Pace wireless users.  Running XpressConnect is a one-time process and provides automatic configuration of wireless devices that connect to the Pace_Secure network.   Simply connect your device to the Pace_Connect wireless network to begin the auto-configuration process. For more detailed instructions, please visit the following page: Configuring Wireless. Please Note:  If you are already configured for Pace_Secure or you are using a Pace-owned machine that is on the domain, you do not have to make any changes. In addition, the PWN wireless network is no longer available.

Guest Wireless Account for Pace Visitors Needing to Access the Internet
ITS offers a self-service system for Pace Students, faculty, and staff to generate wireless/wired network guest accounts for individuals who are visiting Pace University for a limited time and would like to access the internet.  A Pace sponsor can either request a new account, or make changes to accounts that have already been requested. For more information click here or from the Account Services page, select Guest Accounts/Request an Account (standard guest accounts expire after 7 days).  Please note: Faculty and staff can also use the self-service system to create multiple/bulk guest accounts as well as obtain additional IT services (i.e. Blackboard, e-mail, Banner, etc.).  Also, for security purposes, users must close out of all open browsers to complete the sign out process.

Not sure who to call? Contact the Pace Information Center (PIC)
The Pace Information Center (PIC) is your single source of information for any question about the university.  To reach PIC, dial 311 from any internal administrative Pace phone, or 1-855-PACE311 (1-855-722-3311) from off-campus.  From student accounts, security, events, or IT, the PIC can answer your questions and get you the help that you need.  If they can’t answer your question, they will be sure to put you in touch with a live person who can help you.  If the staff member is unable to answer the caller’s question or is unable to connect them with the appropriate individual/department, they will have the ability to submit an online Help Desk ticket at http://help.pace.edu on behalf of the caller.