Educational Media KPI

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Educational Media Key Performance Indicators - FY2012  FY2013 FY2014

Special Events Process:
We coordinate with Special Events and the event leaders to ensure we provide the appropriate equipment for all university events. We use R25 to secure the equipment for the space and times requested. Once information is saved into R25, we send a confirmation to event leader(s) and Special Events coordinator. Through a rotation we assign special events to students and full-time staff on weekdays and weekends. Once assigned, that event is the responsibility of that worker to setup all equipment, stay for the entire event if requested, and breakdown all equipment at the end of the event.

Equipment Maintenance:
Before each semester, student workers and full-time staff go into each classroom to check all cables, projector filters, projector lamp hours, replace transparency projector bulbs, and judge the quality of the computers and DVD/VHS combo players. We reorganize all of the equipment carts and cable runs to be efficient and presentable. Every week we have a rotation of student workers and full-time staff that go into every classroom and event space checking for unkempt cables and equipment carts. This is all compiled on internal spreadsheets to ensure consistent quality control.

Researching, Purchasing and Testing Equipment:
If we receive an ambitious request from a client in a classroom or event space we conduct the necessary research by examining the space, the event size and time frame to come up with the best solution. When we order a new piece of equipment, we try to allow as much time as possible before the event for shipping to our office. We run multiple tests on the technology to ensure its quality and appropriate use.

Video Editing:
Ed Media uses its own editing station and trained full time staff for everything from editing a client’s footage, to transferring files to other media (WMV. to AVI., analog or digital, etc). Upon request, we discuss the project with the client to make sure it is feasible, confirm a timetable, and secure a budget number. We do not charge anyone until the project is completed and handed back to the client. Ed Media has a self-built, full editing suite. This includes a computer with industry software for editing and exporting video files as well as file conversion, three small high definition camcorders, multi DVD/CD burner, analog adapters, and storage for blank DVD’s and CD’s for duplications.

Echo 360 Training Session for Personal Capture:
All lecture capture at Pace University, from installation to troubleshooting, is handled by Ed Media. After installation, Ed Media full-time staff will instruct faculty and staff in its use.