Project Initiatives

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The implementation of a Student Technology Fee is dedicated towards covering the expenses of instructional technology initiatives that directly impacts student learning. A percentage of the technology fee will be automatically allocated towards covering the annual maintenance costs of key initiatives. The remaining funds will be determined by the Student Technology Fee Committee. Each year the Committee will review proposals submitted by the Pace community and will advise the Provost on which projects to fund. Below are the list of projects dedicated to this fiscal year.

 Microsoft Enterprise Campus Licensing  Cost: $175,000   Status:  Completed
Students have the ability to download Office Professional Plus (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, InfoPath, & Groove), Forefront Security Suite (Microsoft Antivirus), and Operating System Upgrades (request a copy through the ITS Helpdesk). These bundles are free to download on
Echo 360
 Echo 360 - Lecture Capture
 Cost: $75,000  Status: Completed
The Lecture Capture system provides the ability to have learning on-demand. It is a leading platform that automatically, affordably, and reliably captures class lectures and converts them into podcasts, video, rich media, and more for anytime, anywhere playback. Students can refer back to previous classes to enhance what they had reviewed in class. It also can allow for the students to be more free from note taking in order to be more engaged in the class lecture.
 Student Printing  Cost: $110,000  Status:  Completed
A universal printing solution allows students to print, copy and scan-to-email from the Computer Resource Center, Library, and other locations. Please see a list of all Pharos Printer locations. In addition users have the capability to print from their home or dorm and pickup their documents from any designated printing location. 500 free pages are given to each student at the beginning of each semester. For more information visit
 Wireless Maintenance/Replacement   Cost: $75,000   Status:  Ongoing
Wireless is no longer an issue for students who bring their laptops or portable devices to class. Pace has outfitted wireless coverage to classroom, dorms, and common areas. To get a list of all aviailable wireless locations please click on the following link: Wireless Access Locations
Student PC Replacement Cycle
 Cost: $160,000  Status: Ongoing
Pace will begin to replace a portion of its outdated Computer Resource Center and Library computers with the latest performance driven PCs and Macs.
 Classrooms Technology Enhancements  Cost: $396,000  Status: Completed
Under equipped classrooms were installed with technology (at a minimum projector and PC) throughout the University. Few of these rooms were installed with high end audio visual equipment.

These high end enhancements include projectors, drop down screens, tablet PCs, equipped podiums, one touch controlled easy to use systems, and more. Click here to see a complete list of installed rooms. 

 Ipad Cart  Cost: $17,000  Status: Completed
These portable carts will house approximately 20 iPads to be used in various classes on both New York City and Pleasantville campuses.  The initial purchase of the carts has been popular, so additional carts will be purchased throughout the year by different departments and the Student IT Fee.
 Digital Signage  Cost: $175,000  Status: Ongoing
Digital Signage system for New York and Pleasantville campus to help distribute and advertise information about events, news and emergencies to the students.  Students, faculty and staff will have to send their requests for review, before being posted.
 Blackboard Mobile Licensing  Cost: $65,000  Status: Completed
The Blackboard Mobile™ Learn application gives students and faculty access to their courses, content, and organizations on a variety of mobile devices including Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone OS. Students and instructors can access documents in multiple formats, read announcements, create discussion threads, upload media, create content items within the course map, and comment on blogs and more— all on the mobile devices they love.
 Blackboard Web Collaboration Tool  Cost: $100,000  Status: Completed
Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing tool that allows a group of users, small or large, to meet synchronously online in a collaborative space and communicate with each other via web, voice, video conferencing and instant messaging. Similar to other web conferencing tools such as Webex and Microsoft Lync, Collaborate distinguishes itself by offering more tools focused on pedagogy as well as its ability to seamlessly integrate into courses in Blackboard. Additionally, Blackboard Collaborate is available for use outside the Blackboard environment to the entire Pace community for student, staff and administrative functions. Currently, interest has been generated from Career Services, the Tutoring Center and the Library, as well as the brand new iPace program to leverage the capabilities of the Blackboard Collaborate platform to help facilitate their services and goals. Blackboard Collaborate sessions can also be recorded which lends itself as a useful tool for lecture capture recording, creating video tutorials or online training materials.