Enabling Power Management

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Energy StarThanks to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), personal computer systems purchased today can be easy on energy.  These "Energy Star" computers and monitor can be programmed to automatically "power-down" to a lower power state when they are not being used.  These efficiency gains can be achieved without any sacrifice in computer performance.

 How to Turn On Power Management Features

Pace University encourages all computer users to enable their Power Mangement features.

Green Windows 2000/XP:

  • right click on the desktop and select Properties
  • click the Screen Saver tab
  • click the Power button
  • click the down arrow next to the Turn off monitor box and select After 10 minutes
  • click OK
  • click OK

 Green Windows Vista:

  • right click on the desktop and select Personalize
  • scroll down and select Screen Saver
  • click Change Power Settings
  • click Choose when to turn off display located on the left
  • click the down arrow under Plugged In and select 10 minutes
  • click the Save changes button and close the Power Options box
  • click OK and close the Personalization box

 Green Macintosh:

  • select System Preferences from the doc (OSX)
  • - or - click the Apple and select Control Panel (OS9)
  • select Energy Saver
  • under the Sleep tab you can enable your computer, display, and hard drive to go into sleep mode after a period of activity

  *Some of this information was adapted from material by Ohio University and University of Colorado at Boulder.