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Description of the Project

The ePortfolio—an Effective Tool to Document and Reflect on Learning.

The ePortfolio is an online collection of your work designed for an audience. It enables you to enrich your learning experiences, prepare you for your field of work, and sharpen your technological skills.

You will add files to your portfolio that may be shared with others--your peers, professors, friends, family, and potential employers. Additionally, your ePortfolio will be a work in progress as you will be able to add to it and extend it throughout your college career.

Benefits of ePortfolios

  • Showcases your accomplishments
  • Tracks academic progress
  • Provides evidence of meeting course and program learning outcomes
  • Enables reflection on learning
  • Helps you to make connections among your learning experiences
  • Demonstrates skills developed
  • Allows feedback on work from others
  • Provides a secure environment to store important course work
  • Provides a tool for creating and storing resumes to send to potential employers
  • Facilitates social networking
  • Connects your educational goals with work and personal experiences
  • Provides the opportunity to creatively represent yourself and your education

You can find the new ePortfolio system at http://eportfolio.pace.edu