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Pace students, faculty and staff currently have internal access to the Internet through the Pace Network. Wireless access is also available at majority of Pace's Wireless locations.

Student dorm rooms have network jacks which will connect them to the Pace Network.  Students need an ethernet card in order to connect.  For questions about ethernet cards, contact us via or dial ext. ITS (33333). Students may also use the computers in the Computer Resource Centers or the Library.

Most faculty and staff have network jacks installed in their offices, classrooms, and many of the public areas.  To determine if an ethernet connection is active, contact your department Information Management Officer. If the jack is not active, have your IMO contact the Customer Support Center at ext. ITS (33333) or via



What is a Listserv Discussion Group?

A  listserv discussion group is a forum for groups to discuss topics, interests and share ideas via e-mail. Listserv software manages these lists by automatically distributing e-mail to each member.

Creating a Listserv Discussion Group

To create a Listserv discussion list, a request via The following information will be required:

  • your name
  • department
  • campus location
  • telephone extension
  • subscription type (open, closed, by owner)
  • list owner's name and e-mail address (must be a Pace e-mail address)
  • list name which must end in -L (e.g., STAFF-L)
  • list purpose (relating somehow to the University or your job function)

Obtaining Local Discussion Group Listings

To obtain a local discussion group listing:

  • Go to
  • Select ‘Online Mailing List Archives’
  • Make your appropriate selection

Subscribing to a Discussion Group List

The majority of listserv discussion group lists are private or closed, as opposed to public or open lists where anyone can subscribe, so the list owner controls subscriptions to the lists. To subscribe to a list:

  • address e-mail to and include the command: Subscribe listname Firstname Lastname, where listname is the name of the discussion list and Firstname and Lastname are your full name
  • open lists respond indicating you have been subscribed to the discussion list
  • closed lists notify you that your subscription is denied

As part of an initiative to reduce paper consumption, it is recommended you utilize discussion lists for your group correspondence.


Learn how to use the ListServ Web Interface:

  • Viewing List Archives
  • Subscribing/Unsubscribing
  • Managing Lists
  • Adding and Removing Subscribers to Your Lists/Bulk Operations



Webspace for personal web pages are available to all current Pace University student, staff and faculty. Please review the policies and procedures listed below and complete the online submission form to register your request for web space.

Directions For Requesting Web Space

The submission form is straight-forward to complete.  All of the fields on the form must be filled out (Pace e-mail account and password).

Student Club/Organization Pages

A web space request for a student club or organization must be placed by the club or organization's faculty/staff advisor via the ITS HelpDesk  and should include the club or organization's name, which will be used as the web account's name.

University Guidelines

Before submitting the web space request form for processing, the requester must read the university's Appropriate Use Policy For Information Technology.

While faculty, staff and students should be able to publish freely and openly on the World Wide Web (within the constraints of local, state and federal laws, including copyright laws), it is important that officially provided data viewed by internal and external audiences are both accurate and consistent with other communications the University publishes with regard to the language used to describe our programs, services, mission, history, and philosophy. Pace University encourages interest in the Internet/World Wide Web and the University community should feel free to explore the many opportunities presented by this communications medium.

Note:  Users of Pace University-provided computer equipment, e-mail facilities, Internet access and home page services:

  • Comply with contemporary "average person" community standards of good taste and decency and are prohibited from using such equipment, facilities, access and services to make defamatory or libelous statements
  • Subject to, and must comply with, all applicable export laws and regulations, copyright and trademark laws, and all other applicable federal, state and local laws.
  • Subject to, and must comply with, all Pace University policies and procedures, now in effect or which may hereafter be adopted, including, but not limited to these Guidelines, all Computing Resource Center Guidelines, University policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment, and University policies regarding conduct and discipline. If the University becomes aware that any individual is using University-provided computer equipment, e-mail facilities, Internet access or home page services in violation of any applicable law or regulation, it may refer the matter to appropriate authorities for investigation or prosecution. In addition, if the University becomes aware that any individual is using such equipment, facilities, access or services in violation of any University policy or procedure, such individual shall be subject to University disciplinary action which may include dismissal or termination.



Connecting Gaming Consoles to Pace Network:

Please refer to the instructions below to connect to the network using your gaming console:

Wii :
XBox 360:
Driod Wifi: