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Mac Online Videos and Training Guides

This site provides a variety of guides, self-paced tutorials, demos and how-to videos provided by Apple, Microsoft and YouTube.  You will be introduced to the different pieces that make up the Mac interface. Learn how to use the Finder, the desktop, the menu bar, the Dock, the Trash, files and folders, and more.

Please note: The following quick start videos are for Mac 2011.

 Get Started with Mac

 Office for Mac Online Training

Outlook 2011 for Mac

    Quick How-To Videos Quick How- To Documentation Mac 2011 Office Tutorials
PDF Documentation
Apple – PC to Mac: The Basics Mac Basics: The essentials Word for Mac 2011 basics
Mac OSX: PC to Mac Basics Mac Basics: The Finder Excel for Mac 2011 Basics
iMac-Switching PC to Mac Overview Mac Basics: Desktop PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Basics
Mac Basics: Find out how    
Mac 101: Get started with the Mac