Student Email Migration to Outlook Exchange

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UPDATE 8/26/14:  ITS has completed the migration of all current student accounts from Google to Exchange.  Alumni accounts are still being migrated.

For further information and/or updates, please continue to check this page.

The migrated data will include emails, calendars, and contacts. Google Drive content will not be migrated but students can continue to access their Google Drive accounts as before.

Migrating to Outlook Exchange will provide some benefits including:

  • integration of e-mail, calendar, task lists, and contacts
  • easier e-mail configuration for mobile devices
  • better departmental e-mail account integration
  • ability for calendar sharing between faculty, staff, and students
  • readily available support from Microsoft
  • elimination of issues with student mail getting flagged as spam
  • new MS Lync instant messaging/integration with OWA (

New Students who registered for classes on or after May 25th, 2013 login to for Pace email.

All other students will continue to access their Pace email at  During the January 2014 intersession, ITS will begin migrating all remaining student and alumni accounts from Google to Outlook Exchange.  The migration of all accounts will continue throughout the Spring semester until completed.  Students and alumni will be informed about their account migration before it happens.

Please note:

  1. Any pre-existing e-mail forwarding cannot be moved over to Outlook Exchange. Students will need to reconfigure their e-mail forwarding through the ADAM website (
  2. After an account is migrated to Microsoft Outlook Exchange, each student will have up to 180 days to check his/her Google email account to verify that all data has been properly migrated.  Once the 180-day period is reached, the student’s Google email account will be permanently deleted.
  3. This migration will not affect students' or alumni's email addresses, which will remain the same.

Early Migration Opt-In Option
If you would like to be migrated to Outlook Exchange now, you can use the Early Migration Opt-In Tool .  Just  log in and follow the provided instructions.  Once you start the migration, your email account data will be automatically migrated from your Google account to your new Outlook Exchange account.  How long the migration takes will depend on how much data you have and the volume of accounts queued for migration, but you can see the completion status by logging back in periodically.


Prior to initializing the migration, there are a few steps students can take to ensure the migration process occurs without issues.

Step 1: Check to make sure you have IMAP enabled within your Pace Google settings.

Step 2: Search your mailbox folders for any emails from ‘Orgsync (’ and ‘’ and then delete them.  Also make sure to empty your Trash folder when finished.

Step 3: If the events in your calendar are not critical, clear the entire calendar prior to starting the migration..  Instructions for how to do this can be found here.

For answers to frequently asked questions about the migration, please visit the Student Email Migration FAQs page.  We will continue to post updates about the migration process, so please check back often.