Telephone Tutorials

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Pace University currently uses Alcatel and Lync telephone systems with networked in-house switches on multiple sites. The telephone system requires 5-digit dialing for inter or intra campus calls. Operator switchboard service is provided from the Briarcliff Campus for all locations. Pace offers Direct Inward Dialing (DID) services, which means a person calling from outside the University may by-pass the switchboard if the ten-digit number is known. Some restricted areas may be issued a non-DID, or virtual, number as required. Non-DID numbers can make out-bound calls, but cannot be called from external (off-campus) sites.


Please refer to user instructions for specific Alcatel and Lync phone features.

  Alcatel Phones

  Lync Phones

Pace Information Center (University 311)

The Pace Information Center (PIC), formerly known as the University Switchboard, has transitioned from routing calls to answering callers’ questions or facilitating requests for service for any area of the University. The Information Center is available Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.   The center is currently located on the Briarcliff campus. Calls to the PIC center are answered by a live staff member.    Staff members will do their best to answer the question or find the individual/department with the expertise to assist the caller. If the PIC staff member is unable to answer the caller’s question or is unable to connect them with the appropriate individual/department, the staff member will have the ability to submit an online Help Desk ticket at on behalf of the caller.

University 311 – Pace Information Center can be reached by the following methods:

  • Dial 311 from any on-campus Administrative phone
  • Dial 855-PACE-311 (855-722-3311) from any off-campus phone

Questions regarding University 311 can be directed  to Maureen Doddy at


The Alcatel Voice Mail System enhances our voice communications with a backup for busy or unanswered calls. It allows the Pace community to receive phone messages in their confidential mailbox, which is passcode protected. Service requests relating to voice mail should be reported to the Helpdesk at x33333.  

Mailboxes can be created or customized to meet specific individual/departmental needs. Contact the ITS Helpdesk at or phone the ITS helpdesk at x33333.

For mailbox guidelines, please access the voice mail user guide.