Immigration and Visa Information


Pace University, as an institution that is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students, is required by US law to maintain accurate and up-to-date records regarding the enrollment status, address, employment authorizations and other information for each international student in F and J status that has been authorized to attend the university.  This information is reported to US government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and Department of State, via the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), which is administered by USICE. Every F and J student and their dependent(s) has a SEVIS record, from which the form I-20 or DS-2019 is created. It is crucial that all information contained in the SEVIS record and printed on the I-20 or DS-2019 is accurate at all times. The Assistant Director and International Student Advisor are responsible for maintaining accurate records, and F and J students are responsible for reporting any change of information to the Office of International Programs and Services (OIPS). Changes that must be reported include: change of academic program, change of major, change of address, and legal name changes.

The staff of the OIPS interprets immigration regulations for the Pace community and makes every attempt to remain up to date through government and professional publications, web sites, meetings, conferences, and listservs. The Assistant Director serves as a “Primary Designated School Official” (PDSO) for the F-1 visa program and as the “Responsible Officer” (RO) for the J-1 program; the International Student Advisor on each campus is also a DSO and an “Alternate Responsible Officer” (ARO). The staff has the authority and responsibility to advise and assist students, and to verify, sign and process immigration documents for Pace University and its students (the staff does not work for the immigration service or DOS). Should there be any major changes in immigration regulations or procedures, we will inform you via email announcements. You should always check your Pace email account and be sure to read emails from the International Student Office. You are always free to contact the office with any questions or concerns.



Effective April 30th, 2013 the US Custom and Border Protection (CBP) has automated Form I-94 (arrival/departure record)at air and sea ports of entry to the US. I-94 paper form, issued by CBP when you enter the US, will no longer be provided to an international traveler upon arrival. CBP will continue to issue paper I-94 records at all land borders and at secondary inspection.

*How will this new rule affect you when you travel and return after the break?

It is not going to impact your re-entry as long as your visa is valid, your I-20 was recently endorsed with a travel signature and you are maintaining an F-1 status. The paper I-94 form will not be attached to your passport by the border control officer. Instead, an electronic record of your entry will be created but not provided to you. However, your I-94 information will now be made available online.


*Will this new rule affect your future F-1 benefits if the paper I-94 form/arrival record is not in your possession?

It may (especially at the initial phase of implementation) affect your future benefits. Therefore, we recommend the following steps:

Once you have entered the U.S., you will be able to access your I-94 admission record and information online though the following link: You will be required to enter your passport and entry information in order to obtain your I-94 record. This record will continue to be available to you while you remain in the U.S. Once you depart the United States, this online record will no longer be available for you to view.


*What should you do with the I-94 information available on-line?

Once you are able to access your I-94 record on the CBP website, you should review all information and ensure that it is correct. Your record should indicate the day you entered the U.S., the class of entry (visa type) and the duration of stay which should be annotated as "D/S" (duration of status/studies). If all information is correct, print and make a copy for your records.

If you are unable to access your I-94 record or if any of the information is incorrect, you should meet with an ISSO advisor.
It is important that all information on this record is correct in order to apply for any F-1 benefits. These benefits include the Social Security Number, Driver’s License or state ID card, travel signature, or employment authorization.