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International Students & Scholars

Global Ambassador Program (GAP)

This program emphasizes outreach to and advocacy for the Pace International student population, which includes current and prospective international students, and scholars. Global ambassadors represent Pace University to other students, to the broader community, and to the world. 


  • Develop leadership and cross-cultural skills.
  • Create a strong network of social and professional contacts that may assist you in your future endeavors.
  • Voice your opinion as well as be a voice for the other 1900 international students at the university.
  • Gain the satisfaction of making international students’ experiences memorable and enjoyable.


  • Be an accessible and visible resource for the international student community on campus is a major responsibility of the Global Ambassadors.
  • Act as campus leaders in encouraging discussion, collecting feedback, advocating for the current students’ needs, and raising the visibility of the international student community and ISS as a whole.
  • Help with recruitment and on- and off-campus events held by ISS, and other offices or organizations. You may sit on a panel, speak at an event or interact with various departments. These events may change from year to year.

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